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This Fan-Made "Marvel Vs. DC" Trailer Is Truly Epic

Basically, if this movie was real, it would make all of the money.

There's enough movies, TV shows, and video games starring all the major Marvel and DC superheroes that it's now possible for someone to make this awesome trailer for an imaginary movie in which all the Marvel characters fight all the DC characters.

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Since the film rights to these characters are split among several rival film studios, it's unlikely an actual "Marvel Vs. DC" movie could ever exist, so we're going to have to settle for getting our nerdy thrills from MR866 and Alex Luthor's top quality movie mashup.

For now, this is the only way to watch...

Superman, the Man of Steel Vs. Thor, the God of Thunder!

Iron Man Vs. Batman!

Wonder Woman Vs. The Incredible Hulk!

Captain America Vs. The Flash!

Wolverine Vs. Deathstroke, the Terminator!

And so much more.

You to Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Fox, Sony, and whoever else after watching this trailer: