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How Well Do You Remember The Words To Katy Perry Songs?

Time to find out if you actually know the words to the Katy tunes stuck in your head.

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For each song below, choose the lyric that directly follows.

  1. "Teenage Dream"

    Got a motel and built a fort out of sheets
    We don't waste no time, we freak in my jeep
    We skinny dip at dawn, k-i-s-s-i-n-g
  2. "I Kissed A Girl"

    If there was a video, he'd probably pause and rewind it
    It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
    It felt good, it felt great, but I'm probably still straight
  3. "UR So Gay"

    While jacking off listening to Mozart
    You're so indie rock, it's almost an art
    You don't eat meat and drive electrical cars
  4. "California Gurls"

    Word up to my Cali peeps!
    We freak in my jeep!
    Drive away, beep beep!
  5. "Last Friday Night (TGIF)"

    Oh no, that's me up on TMZ!
    Oh yeah, but I'm sure it ruled
    Oh well, it's a blacked-out blur
  6. "Hot N Cold"

    You PMS like a bitch, I should know
    You don't even like penis
    You're such a bitch, now I know
  7. "This Is How We Do"

    Big hoops, and maroon lips, my clique hoppin' in my Maserati
    Grabbing tacos, checking out hotties, sucking real bad at Madonna karaoke
    Day drinking at the Wildcat, sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-oke
  8. "Dark Horse"

    Like a bird in the sky, a flying bird
    Like a bird without a cage, but down to earth
    Like a bird who's not going back
  9. "Firework"

    Made of thin and fragile artificial skin
    Drifting through the wind wanting to start again
    Like in that movie American Beauty
  10. "Peacock"

    I'm intrigued for a peek, heard it's fascinating
    Don't be a chicken, boy, stop acting like a bitch
    Heard it's beautiful, be the judge and my girls gonna take a vote
  11. "E.T."

    You're from a whole other world, a different dimension
    Your touch magnetizing, feels like I'm floating
    Different DNA, they don't understand you
  12. "Love Me"

    So I could wear a new one every day
    But not when I'm naked with you
    That I could unzip and strip

How Well Do You Remember The Words To Katy Perry Songs?

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