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    18 Joyful "Soul Train" Dancing GIFs That Will Make Your Day

    It is an undeniable truth that people were better at dancing in the '70s.

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    Stop right where you are and get ready to experience the magic of SOUL TRAIN. But first, press play. This will get you in the right mood.

    1. What could be better than this?

    2. And where else are you going to see people pull off glorious moves like this?


    4. Not to even MENTION amazingly choreographed routines like this.

    5. Take a minute to appreciate the outfits, too.

    Just look how stoked that guy is about his pointed collar/sweater vest/plaid pants situation. And who could blame him?




    9. This dude is basically skydiving onto the dance floor and it's SO RIGHT.



    12. Possibly the most bell bottoms that ever bell bottomed.


    14. So not mad at this male crop-top, either.


    16. Oh, and here comes David Bowie!

    17. But even the Thin White Duke ain't got nothin' on THIS.


    Indeed, nothing will ever surpass the JOY LEVELS of this show.