How Much Is Your Life Like A Sitcom?

Hey, there’s no shame in hanging out with the same people all the time if you’re having a lot of fun.

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  1. Check everything that applies to your life.
    1. 1 Do you only ever spend time with the same small group of people?
    2. 2 Do you live with everyone in your small circle of friends?
    3. 3 Has everyone in your small circle of friends hooked up at some point?
    4. 4 Do you spend almost all of your time around your family?
    5. 5 Does your social life only involve the people you work with?
    6. 6 Do you only spend time around people from your school?
    7. 7 Do you spend time around your school even after you’ve graduated?
    8. 8 Are you still in high school despite the fact that you’re obviously an adult?
    9. 9 Is someone making a documentary about your family, school, or workplace?
    10. 10 Is everyone at your school or workplace extremely good looking?
    11. 11 Do you constantly hear laughing, but can’t figure out where it’s coming from?
    12. 12 Do you often hear applause when someone enters a room?
    13. 13 Do you ever hear people go “ooooooooh!” when someone near you gets kissed?
    14. 14 Do you ever hear people go “awwwwwww!” whenever a kid says something cute?
    15. 15 Do you always pause for laughter after saying something funny?
    16. 16 Do you have a hopeless unrequited crush on someone you have known for a long time?
    17. 17 Does someone you’ve known for a long time have a hopeless unrequited crush on you?
    18. 18 Have you ever been in a “will they or won’t they” romantic situation?
    19. 19 Do you have amazing sexual chemistry with anyone you truly hate?
    20. 20 Do you still spend a huge amount of your time hanging out with one of your exes?
    21. 21 Do you date a lot, and not stick with anyone for longer than a few weeks?
    22. 22 Do you have a roommate who is your opposite?
    23. 23 Do you know any total jerks who are secretly really nice?
    24. 24 Do you have a neighbor who constantly insinuates themselves into your life?
    25. 25 Are you hopelessly, desperately single?
    26. 26 Do you have a best friend who is hopelessly, desperately single?
    27. 27 Do you have a best friend who is extremely promiscuous?
    28. 28 Do you have exactly one black friend?
    29. 29 Do you have exactly one Asian friend?
    30. 30 Do you have exactly one gay friend?
    31. 31 Do you have exactly one latino friend?
    32. 32 Do you have exactly one white friend?
    33. 33 Are you the only [insert race/gender/sexual orientation] in your friends group?
    34. 34 Do you know a slobby fat guy who you constantly mock?
    35. 35 Are you a slobby fat guy who is constantly mocked?
    36. 36 Do you have a boss who is a total buffoon?
    37. 37 Do you have a boss who is harsh, but fair?
    38. 38 Do you have one friend who is so dumb that they can barely function as a human being?
    39. 39 Do you have a significant other who never ever interacts with anyone in your life?
    40. 40 Do you know any children who seemed to age rapidly from baby to toddler to tween?
    41. 41 Do you have an apartment in a major city that is much bigger and nicer than you can plausibly afford?
    42. 42 Do your friends spend an unusual amount of time hanging out in your apartment?
    43. 43 Do you spend an unusual amount of time hanging out in one of your friends’ apartments?
    44. 44 Do you spend all of your time in only two rooms of your house?
    45. 45 Do you spend a lot of time in bars without ever getting drunk?
    46. 46 Do you spend a lot of time hanging around a neighborhood coffee shop?
    47. 47 Do you spend a lot of time time hanging around a neighborhood diner?
    48. 48 Do you and your friends always sit at exactly the same booth at your favorite diner or bar?
    49. 49 Do you have a mostly hostile relationship with your spouse but stay together anyway?
    50. 50 Is your wife significantly more attractive than you?
    51. 51 Is your husband a lot less attractive than you?
    52. 52 Do you have an antagonistic relationship with one of your in-laws?
    53. 53 Do you have a rival?
    54. 54 Have you or anyone you’ve ever known given birth in an unusual setting?
    55. 55 Have you or anyone you’ve ever known gotten married in an unusual setting?
    56. 56 Do you and everyone you know dress up in elaborate costumes every Halloween?
    57. 57 Have you and your friends ever reminisced about the past in great detail for no good reason?
    58. 58 Have you ever experienced amnesia or a total personality change after being hit in the head?
    59. 59 Have you ever overheard a conversation and got totally the wrong idea about what was being said?
    60. 60 Have you ever been locked in a small room with someone you didn’t like very much?
    61. 61 Are you very rarely seen eating?
    62. 62 Does your high school principal play an unusually large role in your personal life?
    63. 63 Does your boss at work play an unusually large role in your personal life?
    64. 64 Are you friends with any extremely nerdy guys?
    65. 65 Do you live in the same building as your romantic partner, but not in the same apartment?
    66. 66 Does your best friend live next door to you?
    67. 67 Have you ever met a long-lost relative?
    68. 68 Have you ever gone on a vacation with your small group of friends or coworkers?
    69. 69 Do you spend every holiday with your small group of friends or coworkers?
    70. 70 Do you periodically learn very special lessons about life?
    71. 71 Do you have an incredibly close relationship to the entire family of one of your friends?
    72. 72 Are you a single parent raising kids with the help of a lot of other people in your community?
    73. 73 Do you live with one or more exceedingly precocious children?
    74. 74 Has anyone in your family ever completely changed their appearance without explanation?
    75. 75 Do you know any cartoonishly snobby rich people?
    76. 76 Have you experienced a sudden reversal of fortune in which you had to live with cartoonishly snobby rich people?
    77. 77 Do you live in a town that has a rivalry with another nearby town?
    78. 78 Have you ever thrown a wild party at your parents’ house while they were away?
    79. 79 Have you ever spent the night in jail for doing something dumb?
    80. 80 Have you ever pretended to be someone else as part of an elaborate scheme?
    81. 81 Have you or anyone you know had a “get rich quick” scheme?
    82. 82 Have you ever said something horrible about someone and then found out they were standing right behind you?
    83. 83 Do you often hang up the phone without saying goodbye?
    84. 84 Are all your problems and dilemmas generally resolved within a half hour?
    85. 85 Do you learn a lesson at the end of every day of your life?

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