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    15 Things You Didn't Know About Mumford & Sons

    Marcus knows his way around a pair of jorts, and he has Jake Gyllenhaal to thank for getting him together with Carey Mulligan. Also, they are not Muppets.

    1. Marcus Mumford Is Not The Father Of His Bandmates

    Mark Humphrey / AP

    Let's just clear that one up right away. It's just the name of the band.

    2. Marcus Mumford Was Born In America

    Though he was raised in England, Mumford was born in Southern California while his parents were visiting missionaries for The Vineyard, an evangelical Christian movement with a strong emphasis on worship music.

    3. Their Lyrics Are Full of Christian Themes

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    Given his upbringing, it should come as no big surprise that Mumford's lyrics are full of references to Christianity. For example, he sings "I was still but I was under your spell / When I was told by Jesus all was well / So all must be well / Just give me time" in "Below My Feet," and the lyrics "Not With Haste" call back to Revelation 21:4.

    4. Marcus Mumford Met His Wife Carey Mulligan As A Kid


    The couple only dated for a few months before tying the knot, but they were childhood friends – pen pals, even! – who first met through their respective churches. Mulligan went on to become an acclaimed actress before meeting Mumford again as an adult.

    5. Jake Gyllenhaal Was Partly Responsible For Mumford And Mulligan Hooking Up


    Mumford reunited with Mulligan as adults when she and Jake Gyllenhaal went to see Mumford & Sons play a private house party in Nashville in February of 2011. After the show they all sang "Amazing Grace" backstage together.

    6. Ben Lovett Is A Total Foodie


    The multi-instrumentalist posts recipes for meals he makes on the road, including scallops with chili foam, beef goulash and his take on the classic Full English breakfast.

    7. "Country" Winston Marshall Skipped Out On The Family Business


    Marshall chose a very different path than his father Paul Marshall, who is a hedge fund millionaire and adviser to Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain.

    8. Marcus Mumford and Comedian Ken Marino Are Not The Same Guy

    Handout / Reuters

    They just look a lot alike.

    9. They Have Their Own Songwriting Game

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    Some of their songs have resulted from a challenge they call the "10 Song Game." Basically, they give themselves a set period of time in which the members must write 10 songs each without any criteria for quality. The Babel track "Reminder" was a result of this game.

    10. Marcus Can Make A Pair Of Jorts in A Pinch

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    "I cut my jeans off in the bus, that's bad [the heat] was" Mumford told Spin backstage at Bonnaroo in 2010. "It was a good pair of jeans! They were expensive, they were!"

    11. British GQ Hates "Country" Winston Marshall's Clothes

    The publication named him the sixth worst-dressed man of 2012, adding that "the Mumford & Sons banjo man should remember he's from west London, not West Virginia."

    12. They Have An Official Font

    The band use Goudy Oldstyle on pretty much everything they do.

    13. Marcus Has His Own Book Club

    Marcus set up an online book club mainly because he wanted to motivate himself to read more often. "I believe that you write what you read, just in the same way that if you’re a musician, you play what you listen to. So maybe all of our writing will improve," he wrote on the band's blog. The selections thus far have included Hermann Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund and The Pearl by John Steinbeck.

    14. Ben Lovett's Mother Buys His Clothes

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    "My mum buys my clothes," he said in this video interview. "I'll get home after tour and there will be some nice jacket, and she found it in some charity shop. It's getting a little bit embarrassing."

    15. They Have Nothing To Do With The Muppets


    There's a Muppet called The Amazing Mumford, but that's just a coincidence. Disappointing!