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This Woman Went Viral For Creating A 'Bimbo Manifesto,' And Honestly, It's A Work Of Art

"People sometimes get overwhelmed by everyone else's lives and issues. I'm never doing that again."

This is your sign to stop trying to please everybody, and start being a bimbo instead — you'll be happier. That’s the lesson that Fiona Fairbairn (@gsgetlonelytoo) wants you to learn from her viral satirical TikTok that covers rules for "bimbofication" in 2022.

Her TikTok is hilarious, and it might change your life.

In her video, Fiona shared her ten steps (or commandments) to happiness under what she's dubbed as a "Bimbo Manifesto." The ironic gems include allowing yourself to stop participating in discourse, critical thinking, or even fact checking — and instead just focusing that energy on yourself and your looks. Rather than continue to prove yourself against the patriarchy, she's encouraging people to operate outside of it. In Fiona's words: no thoughts, just vibes.

TikTok creator Fiona Fairbairn explains her rules for "bimbofication"

While Fiona has gotten some backlash for her tongue-in-cheek "rules," many people — especially those who are underestimated because of their looks, age, or gender — are fired up and inspired by her iconic approach to life.

In Fiona's podcast The Bimbo Manifesto, she clarifies that a bimbo is, categorically, a super hot woman who people think (key word) is an airhead. The act of "bimbofication" is turning yourself into a bimbo, even if you aren't already one. And to her, there's power in that.

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If haters think you're incapable and you know you're not, you have no obligation to waste your time just to prove them wrong. Instead, take advantage of it. "Don’t ask what misogyny does to you," Fiona points out, "ask what it can do for you."

In our own conversation, Fiona shared that a major motivation behind her own "bimbofication" was enduring a toxic relationship with a narcissistic ex-boyfriend. After that relationship ended, she was empowered to never again let someone else control how she felt about herself.

That's why she believes that being (or playing) ‘stupid’ and adopting a more carefree, self-centric attitude towards life is integral to being happy, especially for people who struggle with people-pleasing. When others expect less of you, they are less likely to take advantage of you.

"A lot of people consider themselves to be the 'mom friend' — they take on everybody's issues and always forget about their own. I encourage people to be the 'brunch friend' instead — listen if they need you to, and have a drink with them too. You don't have to be their financial advisor, therapist, or whatever else."

She pointed out that "bimbofication" is not as controversial as it's made out to be — it's simply changing your mindset to owning your confidence, no longer wasting energy on the critiques other people might have of you, and attracting positive energy. It’s a practice that she likes to call bimbuality — a mixture of bimbo and spirituality.

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For Fiona, part of that mindset-change means prioritizing her own appearance because when she's dressed up, she feels confident and good about herself. And when you feel good about yourself, you're more likely to attract that energy.

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Fiona shared even more real life examples of how "bimbofication" (and changing her mindset) has positively impacted her life in a follow-up TikTok.

In the video, she recalls how she accidentally ran over a curb during her driving test, simply said, "Oopsies," and was still allowed to pass. She also discussed how playing 'dumb' makes it easier for her to identify toxic friends because they don't try as hard to mask their behavior. Overall, not being overly precious with her ego and how people perceive her has ushered a lot of good into Fiona's life.

"I just feel like when you have this light, playful, kind of clueless, energy to you, people feed off of that and are really attracted to it."

For those who are skeptical of trying out "bimbofication," Fiona suggests starting out with a simple exercise you can practice while driving: Before you get on the road, tell yourself you're going to see a particular color car while driving, and then count how many of those cars you see.

And finally, even though the term "bimbo" is historically used against women, Fiona makes it clear that anyone can participate in bimbofication.

TikTok creator Fiona Fairbairn proclaims that she not let overthinking control her life in 2022

What are toxic behaviors from others you no longer want to give power to in 2022? What are your thoughts on bimbuality? Let me know in the comments.

Note: This article has been updated to clearly state the TikTok's satirical elements.