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    I Ranked All Of Issa And Molly's "Insecure" Lovers From Most To Least Likely To Gaslight You

    Personally, I'm still rooting for Issa's TSA Bae.

    I’m still crushed that Insecure is ending. The hit HBO series granted us an iconic cast of characters that made Los Angeles feel cool again.

    It also blessed our screens with some fine ass males.

    The final season drops this Sunday on HBO and I just know we're going to see most, if not all, of the boys Issa and Molly have ever "loved." I have thoughts on all of them.

    So from 'nay' to 'bae,' here's my ranking of all the male flings from Insecure:

    Warning: an abundance of spoilers and hot guys with problems ahead.

    10. Dro

    Sarunas J. Jackson as Dro and Molly in "Insecure"

    9. Nathan

    (Top) Kendrick Sampson as Nathan brings flowers for Issa and is intercepted by Molly (Bottom) Nathan returns later that night to meet Issa outside her apartment

    8. Chris

    (Top) Jidenna as Chris in "Insecure" gives Molly a hard time at a party (Bottom) Chris and Molly in bed post-sex

    7. Lawrence

    Jay Ellis as Lawrence in "Insecure" with Issa

    6. Eddie the Neighbor

    Leon Thomas as Eddie takes off his shirt after Issa's removed her top in "Insecure"

    5. Quentin

    Lil Rey Howery as Quentin jokes with Molly and later hooks up with her on the couch in his office in "Insecure"

    4. Andrew

    Alexander Hodge as Andrew comforts Molly as she rests her head on his shoulder in "Insecure"

    3. Calvin aka "TSA Bae"

    Reggie Conquest as Calvin aka TSA Bae in "Insecure" provides Issa with free security, marijuana, and alcohol

    2. Daniel

    (Top) Y'lan Noel as Daniel appears shirtless in Issa's imagination in "Insecure" (Bottom) Daniel and Issa are all smiles at a late night diner

    1. Jared

    Langston Kerman as Jared eats Cookie Crisp cereal before screwing Molly against the wall in "Insecure"

    Who do you want Issa and Molly to end up with, if anyone at all? What guys do you wish would return for the final season? Be thirsty with me in the comments.