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Tell Me The "Missed Connection" You Still Think About, And I'll Draw It

The heart remembers what it couldn't have.

There's almost 8 billion people in the world. Missed connections between two strangers are bound to happen, and they do, every single day. So, I want to hear: What's the missed connection you still think about to this day?

illustration of two strangers crossing in an intersection admiring each other

Maybe it was like any other early morning: You boarded the subway to work, sat down, pretended to mind your own business, then a stranger holding your favorite book entered the train. You'd never seen anyone reading it before. You two struck up a conversation, and really hit it off. You didn't even notice that you arrived at your stop. You quickly said bye, rushed off the train, and hoped you'd see them again — you never did, and you never caught their name.

two riders on subway train seat sitting on opposite ends

Perhaps you had an encounter reminiscent of Before Sunrise when you traveled in Europe right after college. A stranger came up to you to ask you for directions for a restaurant you were going to as well. So, you chose to have dinner together. You had such a good time together. You talked about your pasts, your hopes for the future, and everything in between, with Paris as your backdrop. You stayed up together until the sun came up. When it did, you walked away from each other. This was long before Facebook, and you still wonder where they are to this day.

illustration of the main couple of "before sunrise"

Or maybe during your final year of college, shortly after a breakup, you visited your best friend across the country. She took you to a party you absolutely didn't want to be at. You went out to the balcony, and started to cry. A stranger came out and asked you what was wrong. You poured your heart out to her. She went inside, and came back with tissues and a tequila shot. Before you could thank her and ask her name, your friend came and whisked you away. You still think about her to this day.

two empty tequila shot glasses

Whether or not there was a conversation involved in your missed connection, I want to hear your story. Then, I want to draw an accompanying doodle, like the ones above! Share your story in the comments, or if you don't have a BuzzFeed account through this Google form, and your tale could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

If you're interested in possibly being interviewed, just use the Google form (no need to leave a comment here, too) and please include your email.

We will not use your name or any identifying details unless otherwise requested.