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28 Ways To Spot A Real Man

Need a hero? Here's 28 ways to spot a man that'll be up to the job.

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1. A real man knows how to pet a cat.

2. He knows how to show his son that it's OK to be different.

3. He knows that you don't have to fight a war to save a life…

4. …and that every life counts (yes… that's a micropig).


6. A real man is someone who hits rock bottom…but still has time to help other people out.

7. He's the window cleaner who dresses up as Spider-Man when he cleans windows at the children's hospital.

8. A real man is a guy guy who can grow a good mustache…

9. A guy who knows his way around the kitchen.

10. A man who knows how to tame his mate with a good foot rub.

11. And this guy here…

12. A real man knows that doing good is its own reward.

13. And isn't afraid to admit when he is wrong.

14. A real man knows how to be a good winner...but an even better runner-up.

15. A real man knows how important it is to make a girl feel like a princess.

16. The tourist who gave his shoes to a homeless girl… He's a real man.

17. So is this guy…

18. This guy…

19. And this guy here:

20. A real man is a good father…


22. …as well as a good friend.

23. A real man knows how to make a difference…

24. …even if it's just to one person.

25. A real man looks out for others…

26. …and always keeps his word.

27. A real man isn't afraid of giving…

28. …even when doing so is tough.

Gratuitous kitten shot.

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