12 Breathtakingly Easy Tips That’ll Sweeten Up Your Life This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly - but play it wrong and it’s a stressful time, money and cheer-suck of a season. So sit back and let KRUSHKANDY show you how you can keep life sweet with these simple tricks.

1. Throw away your wrapping paper

These bags are a quick, easy and free way to wrap your gifts. Tell your mum you’re being eco-friendly and spend your savings in the Boxing Day sales.

2. … or if you’re a traditionalist, wrap everything in one minute flat

More time for the Eastenders Christmas Eve special.

3. Buy a load of vouchers for stuff you were going to buy anyway

Sidestep those awkward ‘are we doing gifts’ convos by buying iTunes or High Street vouchers. If they’ve got you something - bingo! If they didn’t, keep it for yourself.

4. Keep your nephews/nieces sweet

Be the best uncle/aunt ever by turning your wrapping into a main event. The brownie points you’ll earn from your older siblings will be worth it.

5. Make everything taste of Christmas

Smash up your Christmas stocking KrushKandy in a blender. Use the dust to sweeten up lattes, cupcakes or hot chocolate. Stick it in a clear food bag and tie with a ribbon for a quick-n-easy gift.

6. Save cash by making your presents

You won’t need a degree in Blue Peter to make these mugs - just grab yourself a ceramic pen and scribble away.

These ones just need a lick of blackboard paint:

These rings are super quick. We like super quick:

All you need for a mini herb garden can be picked up at your supermarket:

Because you KNOW you’re going to leave it until the last minute.

7. Stay sweet while doing your Christmas shopping

If you have to brave the cold wear mittens, not gloves. Gloves have a larger surface area, so your hands get colder, quicker.

Bring your own heavy duty bag or a couple of D rings, otherwise you’ll lose circulation from carrying back all your spoils.

Don’t stress if you’ve left it to the last minute

Find a supermarket - they’ll be empty from about 3pm Christmas Eve, and make up a ‘gift hamper’. Popular themes: cheese, sweet treats, pamper pack.

Pick up a free cardboard box from the checkout and some discount wrapping paper and tissue paper for stuffing. BOOM! A thoughtful and creative gift that took you less time than a weekly shop.

Google your Secret Santa

Google your SS’s name + “Amazon wishlist”. Chances are, they’ll have one, so you can sleuth out their likes and dislikes.

8. Be a Christmas party hero

No speakers? No problem!

9. Save yourself (and everyone else) a headache

If there are kids at your family party pick up a packet of googly eyes. Everything looks funnier with googly eyes. Fact. It’ll keep them entertained, and off your new computer games, for hours.

10. Save empty crisp tubes to pack homemade biscuits in

11. If you can’t afford a Christmas tree, use books to spread some holiday cheer

Spray them with pine toilet cleaner for an authentic Christmas smell*

*KIDDING. Don’t try that one at home.

12. Check out our video for even more ways to Sweeten Up Your Life and make your Christmas even sweeter:

Happy Holidays - KRUSHKANDY

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