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    9 Signs Edinburgh University Has Commitment Issues (And What They Can Do About It

    Commitment can be a scary thing, and although Edinburgh University feels they are okay with their current investments, I don't believe anyone can be truly content with those. Maybe you’re happy now, but each pound invested will be less and less satisfying until you eventually realize how soulless and disassociated from humanity you have become.

    1. You can't say it...

    You always avoid the 'L', I mean, 'D word'... No, not that D word!


    2. You dread the inevitable compromises that come with commitment.

    Okay, so we get it, there is A LOT of money in oil. But what matters more: a future for your students or some quick cash?

    SPOILER ALERT, the answer is us, your students, the people you're supposed to put first.

    3. Don't let the past predict the future.


    So maybe we haven't seen eye to eye throughout our turbulent relationship (remember this? but let's put the past behind us as move on to a future of peace and harmony (and divestment).

    4. You love the chase.

    Those with commitment issues get their kicks out of the chase, making life boring once they commit. You've tried to achieve the socially responsible image you have been working so hard to get, yet you seem to loose interest in the final stages... But life is so much better once you've commited! You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are in a happy, fulfilling relationship with ethical companies.

    5. You're feeling vulnerable.

    Heightening security, trying to get student tip-offs and relocating your staff to the library? Seriously, if you're that prepared for a protest you're blatantly feeling exposed.

    SOLUTION: The thing about being afraid to be wrong — how else will you ever be right? Scientists are wrong hundreds of times before they get something right, so why can’t you be? Maybe it's time to admit your mistakes and divest?

    6. You don’t believe in labels...

    Saying you’re “fossil free” can be quite scary sometimes, but once you’re there you might actually feel relieved.

    7. You're 'too busy' to divest.

    Like many people, you probably think you have no time for any new commitments, and you’re just too busy to be bothered with taking time to genuinely connect with the student body..

    BUT SRSLY GUYS, YOU'RE ONLY 0.713% AWAY FROM BEING FULLY DIVESTED. Just do it. Just do it now.

    8. You always kid yourself.

    You probably always use excuses like, "Change does not happen overnight" or "We are changing the way the University consumes energy." All these sayings are just to maintain and justify your lack of climate action. Perhaps the reason for you saying these things is because you're rationalizing your own commitment issues.

    9. You won’t say those three important words.

    You know the ones: “We will divest”. Come on, it’s not that hard is it?