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    Five Things We Learned About Digital Privacy In The Second Episode Of “Case In Point”

    Do we have a "right to be forgotten"? Find out what you missed on the second episode of "Case in Point."

    Case in Point is a unique new podcast series that takes a dynamic approach to podcasting in the law.

    What do we mean when we talk about our right to privacy? Anita Allen (Professor at Penn Law; Vice Provost for Faculty at Penn; author of Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide?) and Lisa Sotto (Partner, Hunton & Williams; Chair, U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee, 2012-present) examined trends in privacy and cybersecurity to shed light on the intersection of law and technology.

    Here are some of the revelations from Case in Point's second episode, "Understanding new threats to privacy and cybersecurity."

    1. We actually have a huge number of privacy rights in American law.

    2. Privacy is seen as a consumer right in America versus a human right in Europe.

    3. There are three buckets of “bad actors” when it comes to online privacy.

    4. Contrary to modern narratives, privacy isn’t necessarily less important than it used to be.

    We used to think of privacy in terms of secrecy, but that is no longer true today. Today, privacy is about control over our data and transparency and a modicum of individual control over that data.

    5. It is difficult to ensure a “right to be forgotten.”

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