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    10 Important Topics Discussed In The Movie "Megamind"

    Aside from just generally being an amazing movie, it has some super relevant messages. "Funny I guess destiny is not the path chosen for us, but the path we choose for ourselves." —Megamind

    1. Toxic Masculinity

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    The character of Hal exemplifies toxic masculinity and the all-too-common "friendzone" trope. For the first half of the movie, his only motivator is the idea of being in a relationship with Roxanne Ritchie. When he finds out these feelings are not mutual, he takes it out on her and the city, overlooking her ability to decide for herself.

    2. The Dangers of Entitlement

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    Similarly to his exemplification of toxic masculinity, Hal's character also seems to feel a great deal of entitlement. He feels entitled to a relationship with Roxanne because he likes her. This is evident when he gets powers, and expects her to fall in love with him suddenly. When it does not happen, he uses his powers for evil, like stealing and destroying the city.

    It is interesting when you compare the journeys of Megamind and Hal throughout the movie. When Megamind seems to get everything he wanted, he only ends up unhappy. This motivates him to search for a new purpose. In contrast, when Hal gets his powers, he becomes greedy.

    3. How We Use Our Gifts is Important

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    The main characters each have varying degrees of talents and even privileges. While Hal, Roxanne, and Metroman are treated much better than Megamind just based off the way they look, they each respond to this in different ways.

    Metroman uses his powers to protect the people of Metro City and his wisdom to guide Megamind. In this way, he is using his talents and status for good.

    Although Roxanne does not have superpowers, she uses her skills as a reporter to help Metro City. Later on in the movie, she becomes almost like an ally to Megamind, using her privileges and talents to support him as he becomes a hero.

    Tighten, however, represents the use of talents in an irresponsible way. Once he gains superpowers, he does not try to help others, like Metroman. Instead, he is very self-serving. While Megamind became a villain because that is the way others treated him, Tighten becomes a villain because he can use his powers to do so. 

    "All your gifts, all your talents and you squander them for your own personal gain." —Megamind

    4. Nature vs. Nurture

    A young Megamind and minion are sitting alone at the back of a classroom.
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    Both Megamind and Metroman come to earth from space at the beginning of the movie. However, where they land is drastically different. The fact that Megamind lands in a prison, where he is clearly economically disadvantaged, and Metroman lands in what appears to be a wealthy home really impacts how they are treated by their peers.

    Another idea this part of the movie presents is the development of one's morality. As a child, Megamind is raised in a prison with prisoners teaching him their own perception of right and wrong. This highlights how one's upbringing can shape their sense of morality. However, this can change over time as one grows, much like Megamind's character.

    5. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    poster of megamind saying "no you can't"
    DreamWorks Animation

    From the moment both characters land on earth, Metroman and Megamind come from two vastly different circumstances. While Metroman is raised in a wealthy family, Megamind is raised in a prison. Due to this and the differences in how they look, they are treated very differently by others. Metroman's talents are viewed as helpful and good, while Megamind's intelligence is feared by others. Since Megamind is treated like a criminal, he believes that he is one and becomes a villain.

    "If I was a bad boy, then I was going to be the baddest of them all." —Megamind

    6. Determination

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    "The Megamind I knew would never run from a fight, even when he knew he had absolutely no chance at winning. It was your best quality." —Roxanne

    He takes on Metroman and Tighten, even though he is clearly at a disadvantage.

    7. Confidence

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    Megamind doesn't need others to recognize his talents or skills. He is treated like an outcast for most of the movie, but he still believes in himself.

    8. Be Yourself

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    Even when Megamind becomes a hero, he does it in his own style. Never taking himself too seriously, he stays true to himself despite growing as a character.

    9. It is Never too Late to Grow/Change

    megamind, the mayor, roxanne smile
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    "There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes." —Megamind

    This is arguably the most prominent message throughout the whole movie. While Megamind's diabolical-ness is pretty low-stakes, he does change his ways by the end of the movie. He finds purpose in protecting the city and helping others.

    It is almost the complete opposite for Metroman's change. As the sort of golden child of Metro City, he has prioritized the needs of others above his own. While Megamind is learning to look beyond himself, Metroman learns that taking care of his own wants and needs is also important.

    10. Always Have Hope

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    "When there's bad, good will rise up against it." —Metroman

    There is hope for Megamind to become a hero, for Metroman to follow his dreams, and for Roxanne to protect the city she cares about. The characters don't give up hope, and ultimately defy the odds.

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