The 21 Coolest Birthday Cakes On Instagram

    Cakes that are almost as special as your special day.

    1. A unicorn cake where every sprinkle is strategically and artfully placed.

    2. Another unicorn cake with the prettiest of color palettes.

    3. These adorable cakeshake combos.

    4. A cake with some serious inner beauty.

    5. This macaron-fettered color explosion.

    6. These freakshakes, for the birthday freak in your life.

    7. And this mega milkshake that's a whole lot to handle.

    8. An under-the-sea cake experience fit for the mermaid in your life.

    9. A literal angel food cake.

    10. A crystal cake so magical, it would literally heal you with its beauty.

    11. A gorgeously gilded Beauty and the Beast themed cake.

    12. Now just imagine your grandma's face if she received this VapoRub cake.

    13. A very gorgeous cake someone about to turn 23.

    14. Or maybe 30.

    15. A rainbow cake topped with rainbow marshmallows.

    16. A piña colada flavored cake for the ray of sunshine in your life.

    17. A stunner from a cake studio in Mexico City so perfect that the fondant almost looks like it was printed on paper.

    18. A cake only dreams are made of.

    19. A six-layer cake from Momofuku Milk Bar topped with crumbles of joy.

    20. A cake with actual pressed flowers.

    21. And for the grand finale...a cake that should be displayed in a museum because it is an actual work of art.