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    22 Time-Saving Keto Hacks For Busy People

    Going keto doesn't have to be complicated.

    1. Make cauliflower rice in bulk and freeze individual servings in using a muffin tin.

    2. Flaxseed meal + hot water = keto oatmeal.

    3. Always have some Lily's sugar-free chocolate on hand for any sudden sweet tooth cravings.

    4. is a website that easily spins up meal plans according to the diet and calorie intake of your choice — and is quite possibly the best online meal prep tool there is.

    5. Use your Instant Pot to do all the low carb things.

    6. Parchment paper sheets are your friend.

    Bonus tip: Here is a clever thing to do with said parchment sheets:

    7. Buy frozen cauliflower rice and use the "dry fry" method for the best taste possible.

    8. And speaking of cauliflower rice, this DIY poke bowl is practically no-cook except for the rice.

    9. Freeze butter or coconut oil for easy bulletproof coffee in the morning and on the go.

    10. Get creative with your sandwiches, like using bell pepper halves.

    11. Or cucumbers cut in half.

    Get even more creative with cucumber sandwiches 4 ways:

    View this video on YouTube

    12. Always have a big batch of egg muffins in your freezer or fridge.

    13. Bulk-bake your bacon.

    14. And pre-cut your blocks of cheese to be snackable.

    15. Two words: rotisserie chicken.

    16. Quest bars are the convenience snack of choice for keto dieters.

    17. Pork rinds are your new potato chips.

    18. People swear by Good Dee's brownie mix.

    19. Perfect Keto chocolate protein powder + cold brew.

    20. Bring pure almond butter packets for snacking on the go.

    21. Make your cheese crisps in the microwave.

    22. Batch-make some keto granola for cold cereal anytime.