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"Cat Forehead-Scented" Spray Exists And The World Is Better For It

Thank you, science. Thank you, chemicals.

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As you probably know, the people in Japan know cute. They've even designed ingenious products that deepen the cat-human relationship.

Instagram: @nalinep

I mean, that hoodie is basically a Baby Bjorn for your cat.

And instead of talking about dumb things that don't matter, they instead like to have civilized discourse on Twitter over, say, what a cat's forehead smells like.

Ahh, that delicious earthy scent you just want to bury your face in at all times.

@felissimonekobu 干したお布団のにおいがしました(*´ω`*) #猫の頭の香り

Is it that intangible smell of a futon drying in the sun? Or perhaps a freshly sliced loaf of bread? Whatever it is, we can all agree it provides instant comfort.


Cat paws are a whole other source of olfactory contention. Are they more like burnt caramel?

@felissimonekobu 味付けなしポップコーンのにおいがします♪

Or perhaps it's more of a dried corn that evokes Fritos.

Are you, god forbid, allergic to cats? Can't have pets in your home? Or maybe you just really need to deeply inhale your cat's aroma after some time away. Just spray Cat Forehead Scent on everything you own. It's like Febreze but instead of making your clothes smell nicer, it makes you just wanna CUDDLE.