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30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

Shut up and take my money.

1. Nail Protector Clips

2. A Battery-Operated Perpetual Bubble Wrap Toy

3. This Scale

4. The "Pouring Made E-Z" Pan Attachment

5. FloWater Waterfall Dispenser

6. Flask Sandals

7. A Squirrel Chair

8. Rainbow in My Room Night Light

9. Pour Thing

10. A Water Bottle with Built-In Wallet

11. A Campfire Panini Maker

12. A Portable Fireplace

13. Piano Doorbell

14. Car French Fry Holder

15. The Arm Sleeper's Pillow

16. Remote Control Snack Float

17. Smuggler's Belt

18. Doggie Fountain

19. Glitter Clean Up Cloth

20. Dots that Let You Find Things with Your Phone

21. Motorized Bumper Car Boats

22. Edible Gold Spraypaint

23. Taco Plates

24. PANTONE Markers

25. Multiple Liquor Dispenser

26. Bathtub Tray

27. Prism Glasses

28. Paw Wash

29. Crushed Ice Cube Tray

30. Fondue Mug

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