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23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting In Shape

Your body is ready.

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8. Your healthy habits are starting to rub off on everyone around you.

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The people who once shamed you for avoiding the fried chicken at the Super Bowl party and heading to the gym instead of happy hour are now asking you for advice on how to live their lives.

11. You can actually hear your body talk.

If you eat something disagreeable or get a little less sleep than usual, your body knows what's up because it is no longer a den of garbage.


20. Fresh air never felt so good.

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Going outside and really breathing it all in gives you a renewed sense of self, now that you're hyperaware of the air flowing through your body.

21. Your newfound addiction to working out has helped you kick all your other vices.


Now that you actually work out your lungs, it no longer feels good to fill them with toxic smoke.

23. The realization that you've reached the threshold where working out is not a chore — you legitimately enjoy it. /

The old you would never have believed you, but working out is FUN now that all your hard work has paid off.

And that's all the motivation that you need.


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