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23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting In Shape

Your body is ready.

1. Heavy things now feel so...light.

2. Somehow you're able to climb flights and flights of stairs without feeling winded.

3. Probably because you feel a lightness akin to moon gravity.

4. None of your clothes fit anymore.

5. You actually crave healthy food.

6. But you also know that if you eat something terrible, it won't matter.

7. Speaking of food, is it lunch time yet?

8. Your healthy habits are starting to rub off on everyone around you.

9. You sleep good. Soooo good.

10. You realize there are veins you never knew existed.

11. You can actually hear your body talk.

12. The combination of endorphins and confidence results in the best sex of your goddamned life.

13. You've never had to deal with this much dirty laundry.

14. Two words: mental clarity.


16. You get hangovers after one beer.

17. Your new favorite activity (besides working out, obvs): fondling your own muscles in self-satisfaction when you're bored.

18. Feeling sore is such a surprisingly satisfying feeling.

19. You are now officially a morning person.

20. Fresh air never felt so good.

21. Your newfound addiction to working out has helped you kick all your other vices.

22. Your skin hasn't looked this good since you were in elementary school.

23. The realization that you've reached the threshold where working out is not a chore — you legitimately enjoy it.

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