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27 Telltale Signs You're A Stationery Addict

Pilot Precise V5 in .5mm Extra Fine, come to momma.

1. You delight in pens that come in a rainbow of colors.

2. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils makes you swoon.

3. Doodling is a recreational pastime of yours.

4. You have a giant collection of adorable erasers....

5. Which you would never ever use because they are too precious and cute.

6. This is how you feel about the smell of erasers:

7. You actually own weird contraptions, like the eraser shield.

8. Or the ingenious pencil with the cool built-in sharpener cap.

9. Running your fingers over a letterpressed card is like....

10. In fact, you're in the market to get married just for the experience of picking out wedding invitations and handwriting all of your thank you notes.

11. Making lists is your forté.

12. You own more notebooks than space for all the thoughts in your head.

13. This is what cracking open a brand new moleskine feels/looks like:

14. The Sanrio store was your favorite store in the mall growing up.

15. You didn't even dread the first day of school because of school supply shopping.

16. You haven't used Scotch tape since the day you discovered WASHI TAPE.

17. You've owned pens with charms dangling off of them.

18. You're of the dying breed of people who still choose to write a letter over email.

19. As a grown ass adult, somehow you are STILL collecting stickers.

20. You're always looking out for the perfect pencil case.

21. You've fallen in love with someone via their penmanship before meeting them IRL.

You had me at the capital R downstroke, baby.

22. You much prefer a physical planner to Google Calendar.

23. You have your own definitive ranking of holy grail pens.

24. You, when someone borrows your favorite pen and doesn't return it.

25. You've never left a Japanese stationery store without spending hundreds of dollars.

26. The smell of Kinko's conjures up joyful childhood memories for you.

27. You've actually listened to episodes of The Pen Addict podcast.