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    47 Brilliant Van And RV Hacks For Anyone About To Embark On A Road Trip

    Put the WIN in Winnebago.

    Who doesn't want to spend the next few weeks or months seeing amazing scenery everyday while traveling in a socially distanced way?

    Here are some hacks that will help you save lots of precious time, space, and effort while traveling in your RV or van.

    1. Use a dry food container as a wastebasket.

    2. Use a plastic soda bottle as a funnel.

    3. Get yourself some variation on the "bumper dumper."

    4. Utilize the inside of your doors.

    Flip flops attached to the door of an RV using a netting material

    5. Add glow-in-the-dark tape to your stairs at night.

    Stairs leading up to an RV with glow-in-the-dark tape

    6. Magically create extra counter space with cutting boards that snugly fit over your stove and sink.

    7. Use broom holders to store your flashlights in a convenient place.

    8. Use velcro to keep your remotes in place.

    Velcro holding remote controls on a piece of wood that can hang off a doorknob

    9. Mount cleaning supplies and other long items to the ceiling with brackets.

    Brackets holding supplies like broom, mop, umbrella on the ceiling of a van for space-saving storage

    10. Hang coiled hoses from nylon velcro straps.

    Velcro holding garden hoses attached to the door of an RV

    11. Get a ceiling-mounted paper plate dispenser.

    12. Kids will love hanging out in this front seat hammock made from PVC pipe.

    13. Make your own waste tank cleaner.

    Toilet in an RV

    14. At a campsite? Tie a bar of soap to the spigot with pantyhose for easy hand washing.

    Bar of soap in pantyhose tied to a spigot at a campsite

    15. Use badge holder clips to hang string lights from your awning.

    16. Use a towel rod to hold your bath products in place.

    Towel rod attached to a shower in an RV to hold shower products in place

    17. Square containers save more space than round ones.

    And they won't bump up against each other as much.

    18. Keep your tissue boxes from getting wet/squished.

    Tissue box inside of a tupperware to keep it from getting wet

    19. Use velcro to hold black-out curtains in place.

    Velcro on black-out cloth material attached to RV curtain windows

    20. Prevent heat loss with a vent cushion.

    21. Use paracord to make your own awning track hangers.

    Paracord used to attach lights, tarps, awnings to the outside of your RV or van

    22. Get a solar-powered shower bag so you can take a warm shower at any campsite.

    23. Mount your electrical adapters to keep them neat and tidy.

    Metal racks holding electrical adapters

    24. Wipe everything down with Pine-Sol to keep flies away.

    Pine sol supposedly keeps flies away

    25. Command hooks are a super easy way to hang curtains.

    Command hooks holding up makeshift curtain rods in a van or RV

    26. Insulate your camper windows during the cold winter months with bubble wrap.

    Bubble wrap attached to RV/van windows to insulate in cold climates

    27. Invest in a WeBoost cell signal booster.

    28. Make scrambled eggs or pancake batter without dirtying up a bowl.

    29. Stack your dishes vertically in a plate cradle so they don't slide around and it's always easy to grab what you need.

    30. Re-label weekly medicine organizers with different spice names, and fill each compartment with a little of each spice.

    31. Update those ugly floors with vinyl plank flooring.

    Laminate/vinyl flooring covering an old linoleum floor

    32. Cut up a shoe organizer for instant bed storage.

    Diagram demonstrating how to cut up a shoe organizer and attaching it to the bottom of a bed

    33. A bar of Irish Spring soap will keep mice out of your vehicle.

    34. Line every shelf and drawer with non-slip liners.

    Roll of non-slip liner

    35. Save all the free condiments you can.

    Plastic container full of free condiment packets

    36. Keep wasps away with cut up flea collars.

    Man putting cut up flea collar near propane tank of RV

    37. Slit foam swim noodles lengthwise and slip over each awning strut.

    An awning strut covered with a pool noodle

    38. Hook up IKEA LED lights to run on your trailer's 12V system.

    Lighting in an RV created with IKEA LEDs

    39. A suspension rod in the shower lets you hang clothes while they're still damp.

    40. Anti-fatigue floor mats on the bottoms of bunks add comfort and insulation.

    Rubber floor mat attached to the bottom of a bunk in a van or RV

    41. A little spraypaint will help those sun-faded plastic parts on your RV look like new again.

    Spraypainted compartments in an RV to make them look new again

    42. Turn any cup into a travel cup with Press n' Seal.

    Press 'n Seal on a cup full of liquid with a straw stuck through it

    43. These plastic mesh sleeves will keep your precious wine bottles from noisily knocking into each other.

    Plastic mesh sleeves around bottles of wine and liquor

    44. Re-upholster your camper cushions with the least amount of sewing possible.

    It's like wrapping a gift! Get the full directions here.

    45. This tip is great for road trips of all kinds: use shower caddies with suction cups to hold kid activities.

    Shower caddies attached to a van windshield holding art and entertainment supplies for kids

    46. A collapsible laundry basket becomes a makeshift garbage can at any picnic/camp site.

    47. Lastly, make sure your RV fridge is always stocked with a giant jar of roadtrip sangria.


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