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    22 Immensely Cool DIY Van Upgrades For Anyone Who Wants To Take To The Open Road Right Now

    Home is where you park it.

    Welcome to #vanlife, where the entirety of the United States is suddenly your oyster.

    While we've been cooped up in our same old homes day in and day out of this pandemic, having a little change of scenery sounds...amazing.

    These Sprinter van upgrade ideas will make you wonder why you haven't ditched your lame land-locked abode for the open road.

    1. You can loft your bed for more space, especially if you need to bring bikes along for your adventure.

    2. Or add a platform with some drawers for extra storage.

    3. Install a pull-out cooking surface for mountainside meals on the go.

    4. This van owner seems to have their priorities in order.

    5. You can also create more cooking surfaces using fold-out shelves.

    6. And more sleeping surfaces, too.

    7. Seriously, people can get so creative with their pull-outs and fold-downs and whatnot.

    8. Wanna see something really clever? There are actually slots under this bed for...

    A table that pulls out!

    9. This sweet little dining table set up becomes...

    A BED!!

    10. Make sure there's room for the pup.

    11. I'm living for that tiny shoe compartment.

    12. And this built-in skylight.

    Van with a built-in skylight DIY upgrade.

    13. This van owner decorated the place with plants and it looks downright spacious.

    14. Recreate your living room loveseat right under the stars.

    15. A fold-down table becomes an instant WFV (work from van) space.

    16. Make your ride a little eco-friendlier by installing solar panels.

    17. These slide out bins provide a ton of extra storage.

    18. If chilling out is more your thing, here are 3 genius ways to install a hammock:

    21. And the movie nights in the woods.

    22. You'll definitely want a blank "wall" and a projector.

    Basically, your new backyard awaits you.

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