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    52 Unexpectedly Delicious Booze Combos That Will Make You Miss Bars A Little Less

    Welcome to your hangover.


    Rule #1 of Quarantine Drinking:

    No one is allowed to judge you for drinking like you did in college.

    Rule #2:

    Hangovers don't count.

    Rule #3:

    Coconut rum tastes good with just about anything.

    OK, without further ado, let's get started. My fingers are crossed for you that some of these ingredients are currently sitting in your kitchen, waiting to be creatively combo'd any day now.

    1. Mountain Dew + Tequila

    2. Honey Whiskey + Coke (Ice Cream Optional)

    A different twist on the Jack & Coke. Tastes like a liquid Werther’s butterscotch candy.


    3. Peach Whiskey + Lemonade

    4. Malibu Rum + Hot Chocolate

    5. Coconut Rum + Root Beer /

    I got bored one night in college and it ended up tasting like an alcoholic cream soda. Been sinking it ever since! —Ramon

    6. Sprite + Raspberry Schnapps

    7. Heavy Whipping Cream + Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice + Vodka = Keto Piña Colada

    8. Beer + Sprite = Shandy, Sorta

    "In Germany, a Radler is a half and half mix of either Sprite or sparkling lemonade and beer, and it's surprisingly delicious!"


    9. Sorbet + Vodka

    "Any type of sorbet in a martini glass with vodka. One of my favorites was a lemon sorbet with little pieces of lemon zest — the sorbet melts and blends with the vodka sooooo well. I had these in Paris a lot."


    10. Whipped Cream Vodka + Orange Soda + Sprite = "The Dreamsicle"

    11. Vodka + Grapefruit Juice + Splash of Sprite

    12. Tequila + Strawberry Fanta,

    It’s nice with a few basil leaves and a little splash of balsamic vinegar too. —Vicki

    13. Whiskey + Green Tea

    @restless_coconut / Via

    Slightly more ~highbrow~ than other boozy combos on this list, this cocktail was especially popular in the early 2000's.

    14. Bailey's + Jägermeister

    15. Fireball + Dr. Pepper = "Hobby Lobby"

    16. Crystal Light Peach Green Tea and Fireball

    Crystal Light / Drizzly

    "It tastes like a peach cobbler in a glass." — renamichelled

    17. Fireball and Chocolate Ice Cream

    Drizzly / Getty Images


    18. Green Apple Vodka and Mountain Dew

    Total Wine / Amazon

    "It tastes just like a Jolly Rancher." — 2tw1nc4ts

    19. Apple Cider and Champagne

    The Cookie Rookie / Via

    "These cider mimosas are delicious festive around the fall holidays." — katien4085be729

    Get the recipe here.

    20. Chamomile Tea and Tequila

    Getty Images / Total Wine

    21. Caramel Vodka + Cream Soda,

    Boozy Butterbeer! —Leigh

    22. Tequila + Pineapple Juice

    23. Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade + Citrus Vodka + Diet Sprite,,

    Low calorie and perfect for summer. —Leeann

    24. Mountain Dew + Gin,

    I can’t explain it. Just give it a spin. —Matthew

    25. Iced Tea + Whiskey

    26. Arizona Green Tea + Parrot Bay


    A friend of mine showed me Arizona Green Tea mixed with passion fruit flavored rum (preferably Parrot Bay). It's like a lychee drink and tastes like there’s no alcohol in it!


    27. Blue Raspberry Svedka + Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade + Blue Gatorade

    I swear it tastes like cotton candy when mixed together and it also looks really pretty when making it.


    28. Coke + Banana Liqueur


    Coke and banana liqueur is oddly good.


    29. Jägermeister + root beer

    30. Fireball + vanilla ice cream + milk

    Just a little bit of milk. Best milkshake I've ever had.


    31. Cake-flavored vodka + chocolate milk

    Half cake vodka + half chocolate milk + shot glass = chocolate cake shot.


    32. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka + Simply Lemonade

    Drizzly / Via Drizzly

    It's amazing.


    33. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Whiskey + Sweet Iced Tea


    Jack Daniel's Tennessee fire and sweet iced tea is my go to combo! It's so good you can also use any cinnamon whiskey but I prefer Jack.


    34. Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka + Lemonade

    Drizzly / Via Drizzly

    Perfect for summer. I usually do 3 parts vodka to 1 part lemonade and I swear you can’t taste the alcohol and it tastes just like a bomb popsicle!!!


    35. Gin + 7Up + Pineapple

    36. UV Blue Vodka + Yellow Gatorade /

    Tastes like a gummy bear! —d438f77050

    37. Ginger Kombucha + Vodka + Lime (or Lemon)

    38. V8 Peach Mango + Grapefruit Seltzer + Peach Vodka,,

    It tastes like summer in a cup! —Ellie

    39. Crown Royal Apple + Cran-Apple Juice

    Drizzly, Kroger

    I don’t think this is underrated but i love mixing Crown Royal Apple with Cran-Apple juice.

    - effiem46e50794e

    40. Watermelon Vodka + Cherry Coke,

    None of it seems like it should go together but it really does. It's light and refreshing and great for the summer. —a497eaa873

    41. Jameson + Iced Green Tea

    42. Caramel Vodka + Apple Juice

    43. Southern Comfort + Root Beer,

    I call it a SloMo because the buzz slowly creeps up on you. —Schmoo79

    44. Sprite + Watermelon-Flavored Vodka


    Tastes like a jolly rancher.

    - leahs4a0e7fcf8

    45. Disaronno + Cherry 7-Up

    46. Vodka + Orange Juice + Sprite

    47. Vanilla Vodka + Sunny D

    48. Kahlua + Orange Juice


    It's a tootsie roll! So yummy!


    49. Simply Lemonade + Costco Vodka,

    I love any kind of Simply juice (like the lemonade or fruit punch) plus Kirkland vodka. You can make great batch drinks with just two ingredients. —JesseJames11

    50. Malibu Rum + Crystal Light + Sprite

    Drizzly, eBay

    Makes an amazing punch we call a Mali-boom-boom.


    51. Vanilla Ice Cream + Margarita Mix + Tequila (Blended)

    HEB, Drizzly

    Seriously so addicting. It's like key lime pie in a glass.


    52. Hard Cider + Fireball


    My fave is definitely the Angry Ball. It’s Angry Orchard (hard cider) mixed with a shot of Fireball. It’s cinnamon apple and what dreams are made of.


    53. Tequila + Squirt


    That's how I make my palomas, along with a squeeze of lemon and a squeeze of lime. An underrated alternative to margaritas.


    Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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