Looks To Try: Quirky Prints

It’s an excuse for a full-grown woman to dress like a toddler. I want all of these pieces, and I want to wear them all at the same time.

325,000원 from a Korean website. Pretty worth it, though (if you like dinosaurs). Also comes in purple.

These leggings feature designer The Orphan’s Arms signature print. £45.00

A bug print dress by Karen Walker. Very Nick at Nite. $427.00

Another bug print babydoll dress, this one by Dusen Dusen for $208.

This is the “Nervous Man” print dress from Stolen Girlfriends Club, an Australian label. It’s $139.95.

Here’s the print up close.

This is the Lazy Oaf fruit dress, on sale from ASOS for $85.94. I had something by Esprit that was very similar when I was 9.

British designer Charlotte Taylor is known for her prints. There’s now a sleeveless version available for £140.00.

She’s also got this silk penguin skirt available for £120.00.

This shirt is cool because that dog resembles the Stoner Dog. Buy it for 110,00 €.

These are leggings printed with red fish (they kind of remind me of the BODIES exhibition) for $159.00.

Cat tee by Your Eyes Lie on sale for $23.99.

For salad lovers only. £135.00 from Etsy.

Amazing silk twill dress by Tsumori Chisato. It’s a splurge at $635.00.

Sniff. These are vintage L.E.I. from the ’90s and they will probably never be mine.

No one probably thinks these fruit-print pants are as amazing as I do, but I have no idea where they came from. At least if I can’t have them, no one can.

And the same goes for these Moschino shorts. Totally sold out.

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