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30 Last-Minute Amazon Prime Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

Attention Christmas procrastinators, THERE'S STILL TIME.

1. Japanese Staple-less Stapler, $12.99

Staple jams begone!

2. Projection Clock, $37

Sure, everyone has an alarm clock, but does theirs PROJECT THE TIME ON THE WALL?

3. Dummy Punching Bag, $19

A good passive-aggressive gift for someone who has freaked out on you about one too many times.

4. Cards Against Humanity, $25

This game has ruined lives, but in a good way.

5. Flavor-Tripping Tablets, $14

Let me explain how these work (and they really work): You eat one, and everything that's sour tastes sweet. Lemons, unripened mangoes, limes, strawberries become INTENSELY sweet. The sheer weirdness of it is an experience to be had.

6. AirZooka, $18

Believe me, it's a "blast."

7. Inflatable Queen Sofa, $51

We've come a long way since the inflatable furniture of the '90s.

8. The USB Humidifier, Mister, and Diffuser, $35

Their sinuses will thank you.

9. Giant 5-Pound Gummy Bear (Edible), $27

Give that Haribo addict in your life something they really want (a cuddleable gummy bear).

10. The PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker, $23

This impressive baconator has 4.5 stars, 308 reviews.

11. Squeezable Popsicle Molds, $12

Any parent of young ones will find these absolutely delightful.

12. Rainbow Shower Head, $19

Think of all the joy this would bring to someone's monotonous morning routine.

13. Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar for iPad/Bluetooth, $57

An awesome accessory for that new iPad.

14. Morninghead Cap, $11

CURES CHRONIC BEDHEAD. Five stars if you don't believe me.

15. The 2014 Bubble Wrap Pop Calendar, $30

For your incredibly patient friend.

16. The Avocado Saver, $7

They're like weird little avocado sandals.

17. Edge Brownie Pan, $15

Can one subsist on brownie edges alone?

18. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The breakfast possibilities are endless.

19. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock, $23

Your weird aunt who has never touched the internet will find this gift fiendishly clever.

20. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker, $47

It's like a Shake Weight, except there's an ice cream reward at the end of your shake sesh.

21. Pack of 12 Wasabi Kit Kat Chocolate Bars, $30

Amazon offers a bunch of amazing Japanese Kit Kat flavors like green tea, cinnamon cookies, and azuki bean.

22. Hand Shovels, $15

Cool Transformer gloves that let kids shovel snow, sand, and dirt. Basically, any young boy's dream come true.

23. An Ultralight Canister Camp Stove, $6

SIX DOLLARS. And it has 4.5 stars and 856 reviews to boot.

24. Flask with Built-In Shot Glass, $25

Best flask invention EVER.

25. Speaker Amplifier for iPads, $10

A very cool little stocking stuffer.

26. Slush Mug, $22 for a Set of Two

A total game-changer for the Diet Coke fanatic in your life.

27. Floating Bookshelf, $13

The book lover in you will secretly want to keep this for yourself.

28. One Click Butter Cutter, $15

The one kitchen gimmick they actually need.

29. Cupcake Divider Pan, $16

Because deciding between chocolate and vanilla is hard.

30. The Wine Sippy Cup, $11

Long walk in the park, wine in your sippy — there's no better way to spend an afternoon.

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