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23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want

Your cats be all like, "Why didn't I think of that??"

1. This window bed for the cat that wants to soak up the sun.

2. This whack-a-mole game that opens up a whole new way to play with your cat.

3. A kibble shooter so you can feed your cat from the comfort of your recliner.

4. A cocoon for the aesthetically inclined design-y cat:

5. This amazing place to hide a cat litter box.

6. A pooper scooper with a long-ass handle.

7. The Cat-a-Comb.

8. This fuzzy cat bun.

9. A cat bed that doubles as an end table.

10. This tantalizing motion-activated cat toy.

11. A decoy laptop scratching pad for those trying to get work done.

12. This cat "massage center," aka kitty heaven.

13. This one-way mirror bird feeder, which is like TV FOR YOUR CATS.

14. The Cat Veranda.

15. This sofa saver.

16. The cat cave/cat hole/cat door.

Need to keep the dog out and the cat in? Try installing a cat cave for a door or wall. Get it for $34.95.

17. This door vent that will also keep dogs out of places where only a cat is allowed to be.

18. This cat hammock.

19. This toilet paper saver.

20. Soft Paws are a safe alternative to declawing.

You and your cat can now have matching manicures AND your furniture is safe. Get them here.

21. The Indiana Jones cat bridge.

22. A game of Cat-Opoly.

23. A custom portrait.

You can send Splendid Beast a photo of your pet and they'll send you back a portrait based on a template of your choosing for only $99.

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