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41 Insanely Easy Ways To Transform Your Shirts For Summer

The weird tan lines will totally be worth it.

1. Butterfly Tee

The best twist on the ratty ol' tee. Get the directions here.

2. DIY Geometric Cut-Out Tee

3. Triangle Back Top

4. Tie Front Tee

5. Slit Heart Top

6. Cut-Out Cross Tee

7. The Criss-Cross Tank

8. Knotted Cut-Out Dress

9. Simple Side-Tie Beach Cover-Up

10. Ribbon Tie-Back Top

11. The Pixie Dress

12. Drapey Bow Back Tee

Get the directions here.

13. The Three-Bow Back Tee

14. The Cage Tank Top

15. Neck Cut-Out Top

16. Cutout Tree Tank

The Tumblr-iest tank of them all. A tree grows in Tumblr. Tutorial here.

17. DIY Brandy Melville Crop Top

18. Shredded Beach Cover-Up

19. Embroidered Neck Tee

20. Subtle Cutout Tee

21. No-Sew Halter Top

22. Off-The-Shoulder Top

23. Backless Top

24. The "Seeing Eye" Button-Down DIY

25. Open Back Shirt

26. Work Shirt Turned Wrap Crop Top

27. Heart Cutout Tank

28. Cut-Out Shoulder Tee

29. Cut-Out Back Tee

30. Lace-Up Top

31. Shredded Sleeve Shirt

32. Triangle Cut-Out Tee

33. String Art Tee

34. Triple-Braid Tank

35. The Braided Back Tank

36. Woven-Back Tee

37. The Rib Cage/Spine Tee

38. The Tank-Top-Meets-Friendship-Bracelet

39. The Slashed Back Bow T-Shirt

40. Ombrè Tank

41. The Authentically Worn-In Tee

No more stiff t-shirts! Here's how to break them in the easy way.

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