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41 Insanely Easy Ways To Transform Your Shirts For Summer

The weird tan lines will totally be worth it.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Top photo: Macted | Bottom photo: A Beautiful Mess

1. Butterfly Tee

The best twist on the ratty ol' tee. Get the directions here.

2. DIY Geometric Cut-Out Tee

See how it was done here.

3. Triangle Back Top

Guess you're in the illuminati now. Directions (in French) here.

4. Tie Front Tee

All you need are scissors and you could make a complimentary bar mitzvah t-shirt look cool as hell. Tutorial here.

5. Slit Heart Top

Directions here.

6. Cut-Out Cross Tee

Neu goth. Get the DIY here.

7. The Criss-Cross Tank

Directions here.

8. Knotted Cut-Out Dress

Lazy days 5everrrr. Watch the tutorial here.

9. Simple Side-Tie Beach Cover-Up

Blogger LoveMaegen is a friggin' genius at this reconstruction stuff. Get the directions here.

10. Ribbon Tie-Back Top

Directions (in German) here.

11. The Pixie Dress

You could wear that XXL t-shirt to sleep, or you could turn it into a cute-ass dress. Tutorial here.

12. Drapey Bow Back Tee

Get the directions here.

13. The Three-Bow Back Tee

14. The Cage Tank Top

It's a ridiculously cool strappy tank you can wear underneath all your hopelessly boring tanks. Tutorial here.

15. Neck Cut-Out Top

Get the directions here.

16. Cutout Tree Tank

The Tumblr-iest tank of them all. A tree grows in Tumblr. Tutorial here.

17. DIY Brandy Melville Crop Top

This DIY employs the unexpected wonder of freezer paper to create a stencil.

18. Shredded Beach Cover-Up

Watch the instructional video here.

19. Embroidered Neck Tee

Adorkable. Learn how to make this here.

20. Subtle Cutout Tee

Wear it to a job interview or to Coachella — your choice. Directions here.

21. No-Sew Halter Top

22. Off-The-Shoulder Top

Get the full directions here.

23. Backless Top

Watch how she made this here.

24. The "Seeing Eye" Button-Down DIY

#1 rule of summer: Everything must have a vent. Tutorial here.

25. Open Back Shirt

Get the directions here.

26. Work Shirt Turned Wrap Crop Top

Put those sewing skills to actual good use. Tutorial here.

27. Heart Cutout Tank

28. Cut-Out Shoulder Tee

Here's a tutorial.

29. Cut-Out Back Tee

Time to show off those rhomboids for summer! Instructions here.

30. Lace-Up Top

Romantic AF. Get the directions here.

31. Shredded Sleeve Shirt

Gina Michele shows you how to do this weird but wonderful fraying technique here.

32. Triangle Cut-Out Tee

33. String Art Tee

Get the diretions here.

34. Triple-Braid Tank

Get the directions here.

35. The Braided Back Tank

Get the full directions here.

36. Woven-Back Tee

100% would work out in that. Get the directions here.

37. The Rib Cage/Spine Tee

38. The Tank-Top-Meets-Friendship-Bracelet

Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided embroidery string.

39. The Slashed Back Bow T-Shirt

Directions here.

40. Ombrè Tank

Ombrè is never, ever going away. Directions here.

41. The Authentically Worn-In Tee

No more stiff t-shirts! Here's how to break them in the easy way.

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