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The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

These tattoo artists are truly artists in every sense of the word.

1. Amanda Wachob in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Amanda Wachob does the impossible with tattoo ink — her pieces look so impeccably close to real paintings.

Check out more examples of her tattoos and artwork here.

2. Chaim Machlev in Berlin, Germany

Known in the tattoo world as Dots to Lines, Chaim Machlev creates stark black-ink geometric tattoos that are both intricate and pristine.

Check out more of his work here.

3. Alice Carrier in Portland, Ore.

If you want the sort of nature tattoo that looks straight out of a weather-worn vintage textbook, you might want to consider a trip to Portland to see Alice.

Find out more about Alice here.

4. Ien Levin in Kiev, Ukraine

Ien works solely in black ink. His extremely intricate drawing style has a macabre yet whimsical feel.

See a large gallery of his work over at this Pinterest board.

5. David Hale in Athens, Ga.

Working out of his own Love Hawk studios, David's ornamental artwork is tinged with a folk-art spirit.

Check out his illustrations and artwork here.

6. Kenji Alucky from Hokkaido, Japan

Facebook: blackinkpower

Kenji is known for a dotting technique called stippling. His tattoos employ geometric and tribal motifs, and beg to be inspected up close.

He's also a traveling tattoo artist, so if you want your very own Kenji original, you'll want to follow his Facebook page to see where he goes next.

7. Marcin Aleksander Surowiec in Warsaw, Poland

Facebook: rawtattoo

Marcin uses incredibly vibrant inks to achieve his brand of highly vivid surrealist tattoos.

Check out his Facebook page to see more examples here.

8. Madame Chän in Berlin, Germany

Madame Chän does a few different styles, but my favorite ones are the dreamy, chimerical tattoos she specializes in.

See more examples of her work at her Facebook page.

9. Mariusz Trubisz in Wroclaw, Poland

Facebook: mariusztrubisz

Mariusz has a flair for shading and creating incredibly vibrant tattoos that are practically neon.

Check out his Facebook page for more examples of his work.

10. Ondrash in Znojmo, Czech Republic

Facebook: ondrashtattoo

Ondrash is practically becoming a household name due to the raging popularity of the watercolor tattoos he specializes in.

See more of his tattoos here.

11. Sasha Unisex in St. Petersburg, Russia

Facebook: sasha.unisex

Sasha's tattoos are like vibrant prisms with unexpected colors that shine through. The lack of outlines and brilliant shading effects lend her artwork an opulent softness.

See a bunch of examples of her work over on her Instagram feed.

12. Peter Aurisch in Berlin, Germany

Peter is incredibly skilled at creating many visual art styles, be it watercolor, cubism, or precisely shaded pencil drawings.

See more of his work here.

13. Xoïl in Paris, France

Facebook: loic.lavenu

French tattoo artist Loïc Lavenu, also known by the nickname Xoïl, has a very distinctive Photoshop collage aesthetic. The results are always surreal, sprawling, and highly experimental.

See a gallery of his tattoos here.

All collages by Chris Ritter.

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