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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jan 8, 2010

    Baboons: The Underrated Monkey?

    Despite having giant red butts and a goofy yet violent demeanor, baboon videos just aren't very popular. We've only posted ONE BABOON VIDEO to the front page in all of BuzzFeed history.

    • Crazy Baboon Jumps Up and Down Whenever He Sees a Woman

      See, you're starting to relate already.

    • Baboons Have Sex on a Moving Car Hood

      Actually, this video has lots of views but still only 15% of "Crazy Monkey Shits Himself" while being 100% more amazing.

    • Baboon Vs Ginger Kid

    • Possessive Baboon Boyfriend

    • Large Gang of Baboons Pile onto a Car

    • Totally Casual, Nonchalant Ball Grab

    • Bored, Masturbating Baboon

    • Sneaky Baboon Steals a Trash Can

    • Baboon Tries to Sit Giant Red Ass on a Soccer Ball

    • Baby Baboon Won't Let Go of Guy's Leg

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