Are These Mind-Blowing Products Real?

Sometimes the most life-changing products never even get made. And it’s a travesty.

  1. 1. Whoa. This MUST exist, right?
  1. 2. Could I really own this, to have and to hold?
  1. 3. I love to take long, leisurely poops. Can I buy this?
  1. 4. Are our salsa-to-chip ratio problems finally over??
  1. 5. For the sake of my precious fingers and my poor cooking skills, tell me this is real.
  1. 6. Could this tie wallet be the solution to all my wallet-overflow issues?
  1. 7. So simple, yet so brilliant. Can I buy one for my bike?
  1. 8. Is this real? It's just too magical to be real.
  1. 9. Well, this is a real lifesaver. But can I buy one?
  1. 10. Wow, why don't these exist already? Wait...DO THEY?
  1. 11. These are HOT. Can they be purchased?
  1. 12. Hair clippings are the worst! Can I really buy this?
  1. 13. I have a sore chin from so much pontificating. Does this ring really exist?
  1. 14. Ooh, freshly ground sprinkles! Can I have it?
  1. 15. YAAAAAS. I need this for all eight of my Apple devices. Tell me it's real.
  1. 16. What? Really??

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