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    7 Tips And Tricks For Growing Out A Skrillex Haircut

    So you buzzed the side of your head. In a few months, growing out sidecuts and undercuts is going to be a wide-sweeping epidemic. What can you possibly do with those pesky little tufts??

    1. Go for the asymmetric look.

    This could be an actually all-new cool hairstyle. I've certainly seen edgy-looking emo girls rocking this. Some punky dye might make the style seem more "intentional" instead of just a mistake.

    There's something kind of '80s about this, and that's okay.

    2. Cut off the rest of your hair.

    If you've never had a tomboy/pixie look, perhaps it's time.

    3. Use gel to smooth down those pesky tufts.

    If you have thick straight hair, you're going to have a problem with short pieces sticking out. Here's how to get it flat: Slick it down with some heavy duty gel, then put hair velcro over top to really lock the tufts down, and sleep on that side of your head. (I used to use hair velcro to keep my bangs out of my face — it's an Asian thing)

    Hair velcro.

    4. Add extensions.

    View this video on YouTube

    The girl in this video switched up her part and added red extensions to create a more symmetric hairstyle. It's the kind of hipster A-line look popularized by emo girls and '90s riot grrrl bands.

    5. Cut off part of a wig to fill in an undercut.

    Get more information on how to cut the wig here.

    6. Let your freak flag fly and use hair dye to highlight the awkwardness.

    Or you could do the reverse.

    7. Spike it.

    Your hair could poke out in weird, awkward tufts. Or you could just tame them into neat spikes.

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