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53 Reasons Why Asian Culture Is Amazing

This is scientific proof.

53. They're good at art.

52. They are meme factories.

51. They have the best snacks.

50. They have the best DVDs.

49. They have better KFCs.

48. Jackie Chan

47. They hold penis parades.

46. They have cuter hospitals.

45. They invented a bacon sandwich to top all bacon sandwiches.

44. They have cuter planes.

43. They have scarier horror movies.

42. Their goths are gothier.

41. They actually did something with their antiquated phone booths.

40. They have cuter sexual fetishes.

39. They have the cutest cats.

38. They have the cutest dogs.

37. They have the cutest condoms.

36. They make better music videos.

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I'd like to see Katy Perry top this.

35. They invented pandas.

34. And RED pandas.

33. Their nail art is more epic.

32. Sriracha sauce is better than Tabasco.

31. Rice is better than bread.

30. Banh mi is better than any other kind of sandwich.

29. They have more interesting massage techniques.

28. They have the best alcohol products.

27. Their buildings are made out of rainbows.

26. Buddhism is the coolest religion.

25. They consider cats to be lucky.

24. They get plastic surgery to look like Superman.

23. They have fun-loving politicians.

22. They have fewer sweat glands.

21. Elderly Chinese people dress really cool.

20. And so do the kids.

19. They sing better.

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18. They're better at eating contests.

17. They invented cat ears you can control with your brain.

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16. They have more variety in their vending machines.

15. They have interesting hairstyles.

14. They make American food better than Americans do.

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Weird DIY fast food kit.

13. They have better game shows.

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12. They have monkeys for waiters.

11. They're better at wrestling.

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Kenny Omega vs a 9-year-old Japanese girl.

10. You can buy things you can't get anywhere else.

9. There's a dwarf theme park.

8. They hire animals to be car salesmen.

7. There's a Naked Man Festival.

6. They have the happiest city workers in the world.

5. They keep tight-knit families.

4. They have interesting weddings.

3. They have the best sales.

2. They appoint animals as their subway station managers.

1. And the #1 Reason is...