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50 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Details That Are Utterly To Die For

You'll know the right one when you see it.

1. The way the chiffon delicately encases her shoulders.

2. The way the back has a NECKLACE.

3. The way the little bolero jacket creates the most perfect neckline ever.

4. The way the edges on this dress are razor sharp.

5. The way these layers fall, creating a simultaneously light and heavy effect.

6. The way the keyhole back evokes a perfectly dreamy window.

7. The way there are not one but TWO butterflies on the back of this dress.

8. The way this bride is bejeweled from HEAD to TOE.

9. The way these straps are just so barely-there.

10. The way a dress can be long and elegant while showing just a sliver of leg.

11. The way a dress can be long and elegant while showing a LOT of leg.

12. The stunning plunge of this neckline.

13. The way the waistband of this dress is BROCADE.

14. The way the tiny strands of beads hang down like delicate shoulder chandeliers.

15. And back chandeliers.

16. The way the back of this simple dress looks like something a ballerina would wear.

17. The way something as simple as layered scalloped lace can create such a stunning effect.

18. The way "something blue" is so subtly represented in this dress.

19. The way the state of Texas is so awesomely overtly represented in this dress.

20. The way the back looks like a kaleidoscope.

21. The way the back of this dress is just two simple bows.

22. The way the back of this dress is in a knot instead of a bow.

23. The way the shoulders on this dress just float breathlessly on her shoulders.

24. The way this dress is so powerfully simple but endowed with the utility of POCKETS.

25. The way the back of this dress laces up all sexy.

26. The way "something borrowed" makes an adorable cameo appearance in this dress.

27. The way the skirt is gathered in the prettiest way possible.

28. The way the straps criss cross in the front and then in the back.

29. The way the chiffon goes not under but over the sash.

30. The way the lining shows through.

31. The way this dress comes with lace arm cuffs.

32. The amazing asymmetry of this bodice.

33. The soft and subtle way this dress criss-crosses in the back.

34. The way this bodice is so delightfully embroidered.

35. The way this dress trails off.

36. The way this skirt is seemingly fringed with rose petals.

37. The way this dress appears to be made of gossamer and air.

38. The way this dress is practically made of glitter.

39. The way the chunky sequins look like sparkly snow.

40. The way this dress is encrusted with alabaster and crystals.

41. The way this heart cut-out is exactly the right size.

42. The way there are little ribbon bows on both shoulders.

43. The way this dress is made high-necked with a web of draped strands.

44. The way these sleeves look like family heirlooms.

45. The way this bodice is covered in TINY ROSEBUDS.

46. The way the straps on this dress weirdly yet elegantly look like suspenders.

47. The way the two straps join together so gracefully.

48. The way the straps have little shoulder caplets that are shown off beautifully with shoulder-length hair.

By Zahabit Tshuba.

49. The way the off-white sash accents this dress.

50. The way this dress is so understatedly embellished with white piping.

Your dream gown awaits.