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    5 Awesome Things About Bedbugs

    So you have bedbugs! That sucks, both literally and figuratively. But look at the bright side! Here are some awesome things about bedbugs.

    • 1. They Solve Crimes

      "DNA from human blood meals from bed bugs can be recovered for up to 90 days, which may allow bed bugs to be used for forensic purposes for identifying who the bed bugs have been feeding on." (via) This will probably solve a creepy murder mystery one day, like one that involves a prostitute in a hotel.

    • 2. They Eat AIDS

      "South African scientists gave bedbugs blood containing the virus that causes AIDS and the virus died." (via)

    • 3. Baby Bedbugs Are Cute!

      That human fingernail is way grosser than the baby bedbug.

    • 4. Puggles Are Cute!

      Puggles are the official breed of bedbug-sniffing dogs. Just imagine...if we suspected a bedbug infestation in our office, a cute puggle might come to suss out the situation! And that would rule.

    • 5. Traumatic Insemination

      They like having "rough sex." (via)

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