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    47 Gorgeous Wedding Headpiece Ideas

    As if choosing a dress wasn't hard enough, you also have to navigate the big world of headbands and veils. If you're on a budget, be sure to check the DIY section at the end.

    1. Simple Copper Beaded Headband

    2. Emblem Headpiece

    3. Golden Whimsy Crown

    $228 from Twigs & Honey.

    4. Branch Headband

    $135 from Tessa Kim.

    5. Double Band Golden Tiara

    6. Knotted Chain Headband

    7. Statement Rose Headband

    $65 from Etsy.

    8. Floating Stars Headband

    $40 from BHLDN.

    9. Deco Beaded Headband

    $140 from Etsy.

    10. Draped Headwrap

    11. Cosmos Bandeaux

    12. 1940's Tiara

    $185 from Etsy.

    13. Natural Boxwood Wreath

    $65 from Etsy.

    14. Tiny Flower Headband

    $58 from Etsy.

    15. Lace Headpiece

    16. Gold Metal Leaf Headband

    $85 from Etsy.

    17. Daisy Rhinestone Headband

    $135 from Shopbop.

    18. Crystal Crown

    $122 from Etsy.

    19. Gold Leaves Hairband

    $6 from Chemjoy.

    20. Crystal and Silk Headband

    21. Beaded Leaf Clip/Headband

    $78 from Etsy.

    22. Enamel Vine Flowers

    $355 from Etsy.

    23. Three-Tier Gold Chain Headband

    $20 from Etsy.

    24. Mini Tulle Veil with Pearls

    25. '50s Inspired Dotted Veil

    $160 from BHLDN.

    26. Vintage-Inspired Veil

    $225 from Etsy.

    27. Sparkly Blusher Veil

    28. Bow Birdcage Veil

    $205 from Agnes Hart.

    29. Tiny Bow Veil

    30. Eyelash Lace Veil

    $258 from J. Crew.

    31. Blusher Veil on Headband

    $140 from Etsy.

    32. Retro Betty Veil

    $108 from Etsy.

    33. Arrow Fascinator

    $225 from Emilliner.

    34. Crystal Fascinator

    $160 from Etsy.

    35. Feather Fascinator

    $225 from Agnes Hart

    36. Rhinestone Diamante Cap

    $330 from DC Bouquets.

    37. Antler Mini Hat

    38. Succulent Headpiece

    Make your own using real succulents, floral tape, small hair combs, and a hot glue gun.

    39. Hairpiece Made from Delicate Gold Broaches and Pins

    Get the directions here.

    40. Tiny Rose Headband

    Get the directions here.

    41. Beaded Applique Headpiece

    Get the directions here.

    42. Crystal Star Clip

    Find out how to make this for $20 using supplies from Michael's.

    43. Floral Crown

    Get the tutorial here.

    44. DIY Birdcage Veil

    Try making one with a bow instead of a flower.

    45. Fabric Flower Clip

    Get the directions from Martha Stewart.

    46. Bohemian Crystal Head Chain

    47. Pouf Veil

    Learn how to make a similar one here.