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    44 Fabulous DIY Christmas Trees That Aren't Actual Trees

    All of the festiveness, none of the mess.

    Spruce up your home this holiday season with an alternative Christmas tree! If you live in a small apartment or dorm room — or simply don't want to deal with the hassle of getting a tree — you can channel holiday spirit in your home without any pine needles.

    Below, we've rounded up the most adorable DIY Christmas tree ideas we could find. We also put together a list of our favorite homemade Christmas decorations that are guaranteed to make things merry and bright!

    1. Cut out your own Christmas tree — no need to cut down one.

    cardboard Christmas trees

    2. Get crafty with paint to make a plywood Christmas tree.

    painted plywood in the shape of a Christmas tree

    3. Use leftover gift wrap ribbon to make mini trees.

    a mini Christmas tree made out of ribbons next to candles

    4. Fold scrapbook paper into cute Christmas trees.

    three mini trees made of scrapbook paper in different styles

    5. Use string art to draw a tree.

    6. Make this boho yarn tassel tree.

    A tree made from yarn tassels

    7. Spray-paint any artificial tree an aesthetically pleasing color to make it ~unique~.

    Blue-green decorated Christmas tree

    8. Glue together some twigs.

    9. Or reuse scrap wood.

    10. Black stenciled Christmas trees look great in a spare black-and-white room.

    11. Repurpose a ladder.

    12. Decorate a small, dried tree with ornaments.

    13. For the beer drinkers: Layer bottles to form a very impressive Christmas tree display.

    14. Hang ornaments on your house plants.

    15. Use washi tape to draw a Christmas tree on the wall.

    16. Create a winter forest diorama.

    17. Use books to build a tree.

    18. Make a felt-shingled tree.

    19. Draw a tree on a chalkboard painted wall.

    20. Draw a Christmas tree on craft paper or fabric.

    21. Make a branch ladder tree.

    22. Give a money tree as a gift.

    23. For a more kitschy decor, hang a bunch of knickknacks in the shape of a tree on the wall.

    24. There are a few options for Christmas tree origami...

    View this video on YouTube

    25. Create a Christmas-tree garland.

    26. Create a tree tower using boxes.

    27. Put up a tree Advent calendar.

    28. Create a centerpiece with green paper rolled into trees.

    29. Make trees wrapped in the fabric or wrapping paper of your choosing.

    30. Use Post-It Notes.

    31. The layers of these trees are made from wire wrapped in ribbon.

    32. Hang balloons on the wall in the shape of a tree.

    33. Make a tree out of string lights.

    34. Glue together wine corks to form a tree.

    35. Make a family of 3-D gingerbread Christmas trees.

    three gingerbread Christmas trees with sprinkles

    36. The simplest tree: Tape paper plates to the wall.

    37. Reuse your old newspapers.

    38. Create an outline of a tree using a rainbow pom-pom garland.

    39. Make a Christmas tree crudité as a table centerpiece.

    40. This tree is made from slivered almonds:

    41. For the gardeners, here's a Christmas tree made from a tomato cage.

    42. Create a display from Christmas cards.

    43. Make a rosette tree using satin fabric.

    44. Create a hanging ornament structure that resembles a tree.