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33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You

And if you don't follow these rules, your world will probably fall apart. Just kidding! But OCD or not, you can probably stand to get a little more thorough with your cleaning, while saving time in the long run.

1. Use a binder clip as a sponge stand.


3. Clean your clean machine: the washer.

4. When your toaster gets all sticky and gunky...

View this video on YouTube


Now watch this video on how to clean the INSIDE of the toaster.

5. Clean your sink drain.

6. Clean your window tracks.

7. Make the steel plate on your iron smooth and shiny again.

8. Refresh your mattress.

9. Keep baseboards clean with fabric softener.

10. Remove any carpet stain (and anything off a mattress as well).

11. Use an iron to remove REALLY stubborn stains from carpet.

12. Invest in a "Purifying Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System."

13. Dust first, then vacuum.

14. Clean your candles with pantyhose.

15. Unscrew light bulbs and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

16. Rub a faucet with waxed paper to prevent water spots and finger prints.

17. Snip off a slice of a Magic Eraser and drop it in the toilet.

18. Keep a Scotch Brite dishwand in the shower filled with 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 dishwashing detergent.

19. Get rid of household odors with vanilla extract in the oven.

20. Use slow cooker liners.

21. Clean old paintings with a bagel cut in half.

22. Clean blinds with an old sock.

23. While cleaning the bathroom, fill the tub up with a couple of inches of the hottest water you can draw from the tap.

24. Cut a hole in a cloth napkin to make dust covers for coats and vests.

25. Use foil in your George Foreman grill or panini maker to prevent mess.

26. Use WD-40 to erase scuff marks on floors.

27. Pour a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid into the detergent cup of your dishwasher.

28. Know your uses for vinegar and natural cleaning agents.

29. Hang your brooms and mops instead of storing them on the floor.

30. Start cleaning out your dryer vents.

31. Behold, the sanitizing vacuum cleaner.

32. Use a Solution of 1/2 Coconut Oil and 1/2 Baking Soda to Remove Sticky Residues

33. The ultimate organization tip: anything and everything should have a place.

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