29 Ideal Travel Bags For Your Next Trip

Trying to find the right size bag with the right number of pockets for trips gets so frustrating, especially when style is of concern. It’s pretty much impossible to feel like a fabulous jetsetter when you’re carrying 30 pounds of crap and standing in a long, miserable line — but investing in one of these cute bags might ease your pain somewhat.

These carry-on bags are big enough for a laptop, a book, a couple of magazines, and standard purse items. They’re also small enough to carry as a purse during your trip. I’ve included the measurements or each so you can get an idea of whether or not your laptop will fit.

1. Farm Tactics Tote Bag

$88 from NeedSupply. Measures 15”h x 17”w x 5”d.

2. Waxed Canvas Tokyo Bag

$199 from Mohawk General Store. This bag has SO MANY pockets: four internal pockets, four external pockets and one large chamber. Measures 14”w x 16”h x 4”d.

3. Black and Gray Leather Tote

$380 from Etsy. Measures 17”w x 17”h x 4”d. This one’s certainly stylish enough to carry as an everyday purse.

4. Waxed Canvas Tote with Leather Detail

$139 from Etsy. Measures 19”w x 13.3”h x 4”d. This seller has a bunch of other bags, including rucksacks, and can custom make something to your size specifications.

5. Makr Canvas Bag

$138 from Assembly New York. I’ve seen this bag in person, and it’s huge and sturdy. Plus it has two awesome huge pockets on the front. You could probably double it as a weekender if you’re packing light. And I love that it folds over, as opposed to having a snap or a clasp, because I’m lazy like that. Measures 17”w × 14-20”h × 8.5”d.

6. Triangle Zip Tote

$82 from Bookhou. Check out some of the other simplistic prints if triangles aren’t your thing. Measures 17”w x 14”h x 5”d.

7. Felt Doctor Bag

$99 from ASOS. No measurements given.

8. Volcom Giraffe Print Backpack

$58 from Fred Flare. Contains a padded laptop pocket. Measures 17”w x 14”h x 6.5”d.

9. “Camp Director” Tote

$55 from ModCloth. Measures 14.5”h x 15.5”l x 4”w.

10. The Tote/Backpack

$98 from Fabric & Handle. Measures 15.7″ h. h 13.8″ l. h 4.3″ d.

11. Brown Canvas/Leather Tote Bag

$80 from Topman. No measurements given.

12. no.314 Crystal Tote Bag

Made of waxed canvas, has a drawstring closure. $290 from Etsy. Measures 18”w x 15”h x 11”d.

13. Cat Bag with Mini Cat Pouch

$135 from eBay. There’s only 3 of these left, so congrats to whoever gets them. It’s on the small side at 12”w x 8.5”h x 1.7”d.

Ideal for the train or the bus for a weekend trip. If you’re having trouble finding one you like, try searching in men’s stores, and also for diaper bags (seriously — they have lots of pockets!).

14. Me&Arrow Canvas Weekender

$240 from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Measures 20”w x 14”h x 6”d. Contains an iPad-sized insert.

15. Cuyana Canvas and Leather Weekend Bag

$120 from Cuyana. Measures 16”h x 30”w x 10”d.

16. Oversized Black Denim Bag

€187.00 from Demobaza. No measurements are given, but it looks pretty roomy.

17. Canvas Weekend Bag

$65 from Etsy. Measures 21”w x 18” h x 8.5”d.

18. Graf & Lantz Weekender

$250 from Refinery29 Shops. Measures 28”w x 19”h x 7”d.

19. Leather Duffle Bag with Bottom Compartment

$345 from the Gent Supply Co. Measures 18.5”w x 12”h x 12”d.

20. Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment

$80 from Herschel. Measures 23”w x 11”h x 10.5”d.

21. Canvas Shopper

$39.99 from Zara. Measures 15”w x 22”h x 9”d.

22. Studded Teal Weekender Bag

$150 from ShopTeddy. No measurements given.

23. Leather Duffle Bag with Pockets

$299 from Rustic Leather. Heavy but sturdy. Measures 21”w X 10”h X 10”d.

24. Surface to Air Travel Bag

$135 from Gargyle. So many compartments!! 20”w x 12”h x 5-1/2”d.

25. Clear Toiletries Bag

$10.75 from MUJI. When you fly, you can substitute this clear gem for a drugstore Zip-lock bag, which usually falls apart and isn’t fun to live out of.

26. Travel Bag Insert

You’ll want an organizer for a big travel bag. This one is $4.79 from eBay. I’m buying one right as I type this.

27. MacBook Air/iPad/Note Pouch

$56.95 from MochiThings. It’s a laptop case that’s also an organizer. It also has 2 front pockets for storing stuff like your passport, your iPod, etc.

28. Roll Purse Organizer

$37.95 from MochiThings. Keep your gadgets, pens, makeup, random shit etc. organized in this roll-up organizer. It conforms to fit any type of bag, and is so ideal for totes that just don’t contain enough pockets to keep you organized.

29. Pug Makeup Bag

Because it’s cute. £9.75 from Jellycat.

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