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26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

And you thought your cat was clever.

1. Remove a cabinet door panel and add a curtain with a tension rod to hide a litter box.

2. Make a tiny bed of grass for your cat to chill in.

3. Create a stairway to heaven for your cat using Ikea Lack shelves.

4. Cut out squares in a bookshelf to create a kitty exercise tower.

5. Easily make an under-table or under-chair cat hammock with cloth and Velcro straps.

6. Make a cat tent out of a T-shirt and two hangers.

7. Got feral cats in the backyard? Keep 'em warm this winter.

8. Keep cats busy for hours with this DIY Tupperware cutout puzzle.

9. Let your cats scratch themselves with this DIY self-petting station made with toilet bowl brushes.

10. You can make your own Clevercat litter box for a fraction of the cost.

11. Glue a carpet sample to a wooden frame for a minimalist cat scratch post.

12. A tissue box and toilet paper rolls can easily be turned into an inexpensive toy your cat will love.

13. If your cat has ruined your screen door or window, there's a fix for that.

14. Tie sisal rope around an Expedit single shelving unit to create a scratch post and cat bed in one.

15. Give your cat a place to hang out besides your workspace by flipping over the top of a board game box.

16. Don't de-claw your cats! If your cat is regularly drawing blood, cover his paws with Soft Paw vinyl coverings for their paws.

17. Save money by growing your own catnip.

18. Use this vacuum hack to get the cat litter that falls into weird crevices.

19. If your cat's favorite activity is using more toilet paper than your entire family combined, tuck it in like so.

20. Run a rubber gloved hand over upholstery to remove pet hair.

21. If you need a cheap and easy yet stylish hideaway bed, sew together two Ikea Gosig toy baskets.

22. Trap fleas by lighting a candle.

23. If your cat eats too quickly and then throws up, place her food in a shallow plate.

24. Put double-sided tape on surfaces where you don't want your cat to jump up on.

25. A plastic pitcher makes an easy-pour cat food container.

26. Covered in cat hair? Of course you are.

You are now officially worthy of your cat's love, affection, and respect!

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