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    25 Groovy Trends Spotted From Woodstock Festival Street Style

    When you're wasted and high, your fashion accessories are probably the least of your cares. These unconstrained flower children weren't trying to make a fashion statement, and yet their common aesthetic could influence generations of festival-attending youths to come.

    1. Blankets

    2. The American Flag Motif

    3. Cutoffs for Men

    4. Frosted Lips and Long Beads

    5. Statement Unitards

    6. The Stoner Surfer Look

    7. Bare Feet and Bellbottoms

    8. Ethnic-Inspired Accessories

    9. The Full-Body Dashiki

    10. Fringe

    11. Clownwear

    12. The Cocktail Toe Ring

    13. Unnaturally Colored Hair

    14. Conceptual Eyeliner

    15. Tomboy Hair

    16. Bikini Tops

    17. The Fisherman's Hat

    18. Headbands

    19. Round Tinted Sunglasses

    20. The Midriff

    21. Wispy Dresses

    22. Low-Slung Jeans

    23. Inventive Headwear

    24. Neck Scarves

    25. Unabashed, Full-Frontal Nudity