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22 Things You're Doing Wrong

It's okay. These little tricks will help you become the highly advanced human you've always dreamed of being.

1. You're Doing It Wrong: The BLT

The Right Way to Make a BLT:

2. You're Doing It Wrong: Boiling Eggs

The Right Way to Boil Eggs:

3. How NOT to Eat a Cupcake:

The right way to eat a cupcake:

4. You're Doing It Wrong: Bobby Pins

The Right Way to Insert a Bobby Pin:

5. You're Doing It Wrong: Nail Polish

How to Properly Apply Nail Polish:

6. The Wrong Way to Make Cookies in the Summer:

The right way:

7. How You Normally Fold a Fitted Sheet:

The Right Way:

8. You're Doing It Wrong: Cleaning the Blender

The Right Way:

9. You're Doing It Wrong: Taco Eating

The Right Way:

10. You're Doing It Wrong: Eating a Popsicle

The Right Way: Use a Cupcake Wrapper

11. If This Is Your Dresser, You're Doing It Wrong

The Right Way to Fold Clothes

12. You're Doing It Wrong: Squeezing Lemons

The Right Way: Use a Pair of Tongs

13. You're Doing It Wrong: Stale Ass Chips

The Right Way: Master the Origami Bag Fold

14. You're Doing It Wrong: Peeling a Potato with a Peeler

The Right Way:

15. You're Doing It Wrong: Living Through the Pain of New Shoes

The Right Way: Break In Your Shoes In Under Five Minutes

16. The PB&J: You're Doing It Wrong

The Right Way to Make PB&J: The Pocket Method

17. You're Doing It Wrong: Opening a Banana at the Tip

The Fast, Efficient Way to Peel a Banana:

View this video on YouTube


Watch the video tutorial.

18. You're Doing It Wrong: Cutting Cherry Tomatoes One by One

The Right Way: Sandwich the Tomatoes Between Two Plastic Lids and Slice Across

You, Eating Pomegranates: WRONG!

The Right Way to Get Those Pomegranate Seeds Out Intact:

View this video on YouTube


Cut the pomegranate in half, submerge in cold water, and extract the seeds from under the water. They'll release effortlessly from the papery membrane and sink to the bottom of the bowl.

19. How You Normally Eat Tic Tacs:

The Right Way:

20. The Wrong Way to Enjoy a Bag of Chips:

Alas, There Is a Right Way:

21. You're Doing It Wrong: Smashing Beer Cans on Your Head

The Proper Way to Crush a Can on Your Head:

Or, if you're not a fratboy...

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