20 Seemingly Innocuous Phrases Censored By Chinese Internet

There’s some good band name potential in here.

1. Three-Color Cats

2. Skirt At The End Of The Spring

3. Grass Your Mother

Oh, I guess grass means “fuck” in this case.

7. Small Cave

Oh wait, this means “vagina”

8. Big Milk

Oh wait, this means “breasts”

9. Phoenix

I wonder if the band Phoenix has had trouble gaining a Chinese audience because of this.

10. Mimi

This also means “breasts”

11. Creampie

This actually means “internal ejaculation,” whatever that is.

13. Bloomberg

Okay, I guess he looks kind of evil there.

15. Cowardly Mouth Live

Do they mean Cowboy Mouth? Because they are pretty offensive…

16. Sensitive People

19. Food Allergies

20. Anal Abuse

This phrase is offensive, but it makes a good band title so I thought I’d include it.

Via blockedonweibo.tumblr.com

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