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    12 Hair Trends That Fashion Week Designers Stole From The Internet

    Thank goodness you can't copyright a hairstyle. Here's more evidence that trends perhaps aren't originating from the runways.

    1. Punky Streaks

    The Internet Version:

    2. Sock Buns

    The YouTube Version:

    View this video on YouTube

    This sock bun video, posted in June of '09, has over 2 million views on YouTube.

    3. Horse Weave Braids

    As Seen Before: On a Horse

    4. The Beehive Ponytail

    Is This a Two-Minute Beehive?

    Did Marc Jacobs totally lift Tavi Gevinson's "Two-Minute Beehive" viral hit? At least hopefully he saved his hairstylists some time backstage....

    5. Fishtail Braids

    The Pinterest Version:

    6. Neon Hair

    It's All Over Tumblr:

    7. Forehead Braids

    Here's a Blogger Tutorial:

    8. Heart-Shaped Double Braid

    It's an Ideal Wedding Hairstyle:

    9. Headband Scarves

    Bloggers Have Already Perfected This Look:

    10. The Side Twist Ponytail

    Totally seen this before...

    11. Clip-On Bangs

    Are they from Urban Outfitters?

    12. Medieval Elliptical Braided Buns

    The Internet Version: