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    Undeniable Proof That Samoyeds Are Irresistible Dogs

    And no, you can not object to that.

    They look really cool in glasses.

    "On wednesday, I like to be a little bit hipster"

    They will love to have fun with you.

    All species allowed, guys!

    They can help you find awesome things at the shop.

    "Hello sir, may I help you? What would you like today? How about a bone? Everyone loves bones!"

    They protect the house from the attack of evil lobsters.

    "Wait! I will get my magical spoon and defeat the evil lobster queen! Close your eyes, it's gonna be ugly!"

    They love popsicles!

    They are always up to be the designated driver of the group.

    "Get in loser, we're going shopping!"

    They can get dirty and still be adorable.

    "Hello, mister! Who me, a Samoyed? No, no, can't you see my black fur? I'm a Rottweiler! Yeah yeah, uh-huh!"

    Their puppies look like little polar bears.

    Or wolves. Or anything white, fluffy and cute.

    In the winter, you can always make a coat out of their excess hair.

    "I was thinking about selling it, but yeah, you can have it"

    They work really well with cameras.

    Either being the model or the photographer.

    They don't take themselves too seriously.

    They can really rock the "wolf look".

    "Yeah, I applied for Game of Thrones. Don't you think I would be a much better 'Ghost'?"

    They know the importance of a big smile.

    "Please, have it. It's free!"

    They respect your cupcakes (cof cof).

    "Who, me, taking your cupcake? Never! Must have been a thief! Or a gnome!"

    They look really fetch.

    "Fetch has already happened, Regina"

    They are really good friends with Corgis.

    "Don't you think we make an awesome duo?"

    They come in bouquets.

    "Hello sir, how about a Samoyed bouquet for that special woman in your life?"

    They are always ready to party!

    This one has rocked the Brazilian Carnival.

    With all that said, who can deny that Samoyeds are real charmers? Well, I can't!

    "Hey there, baby, how you doing?"