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13 Life Skills You Have By Accident Because Of Art School

You've developed some skills outside of your major.

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1. You are a wordsmith.


Because you’ve done your fair share of thesis statements on pieces you weren’t extremely inspired to make.

2. You have a great deal of patience.


You have actually sat and watched paint dry. It’s OK, no rush.

3. You’re basically immune to nudity.


You’ve spent four hours or more a week drawing nude models. It’s literally just flesh, and it’s no big deal.

4. It’s hard to get under your skin.

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How many times have you been ripped apart during a critique? Bring it on! I can take it!

5. You’re basically museum guide for your friends.

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Even if you’re not familiar with the artist, you can examine and talk about a piece for days.

6. You have a profound appreciation for all things tangible.

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"Do you even understand the amount of drafts it probably took to get this to look the way it does?"

7. You have an extremely steady hand.


You might’ve cut yourself with an X-ACTO knife once, but never again. Never again.

8. You’re great at time management.


Even if you had to learn the hard way, you can’t do a full oil painting in one night. So, you've learned to get started on an assignment pronto!

9. But, you can still operate on very little sleep if you had to.

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You know all-nighters way too well.

10. You have a great sense of style.

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You've really developed your ~aesthetic~ through the years.

11. You have a high tolerance for “different."


You really feel like you went to school with the Sia, Kanye, and Lady Gaga-types. So, their "antics" don’t freak you out that much.

12. You’re great at explaining how and why you don’t like something.

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During peer evaluation you couldn’t just say you didn’t like something for some unexplained reason! It’s called “constructive criticism” right?

13. Finally, you've learned to trust your gut and follow your passion.


At the dismay of your parents, you decided to go to art school and become an artist. Now, you can ignore all their sly remarks because you did it and wouldn't change trade your journey for the world!

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