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Which Animated Movie Do You Appreciate Even More As An Adult?

Who says cartoons have to be for kids?

OK, so it's safe to say most animated films are for kids...

...but goodbye to anyone who thinks these movies are JUST for kids.

I mean there are flicks you watched when you were younger that your whole family enjoyed, right?!

But that's because there were some adult themes up there y'all!!

So, maybe now you can finally watch The Nightmare Before Christmas without shitting your pants.

Or maybe you realized that The Brave Little Toaster was a really cute animated film about materialism, consumerism, and death.

Or you might've grown up to realize The Fox and the Hound was a great lesson in discrimination and prejudice and the effects it has on children.

These movies have a different effect on you once you revisit them as an adult.

We want to know — Which animated movie do you appreciate even more as an adult? Tell us in the comments and you might get featured in our next BuzzFeed Community post!