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    Someone Has Documented Their Dog’s Friendship With A Brick And It’s Adorable

    Man's best friend = Dog. Dog's best friend = Brick.

    This is Ariana Smoak and her adorable 1-year-old rescue pup Sunny.

    A couple days ago, she shared a few photos of Sunny snuggled up with his best friend — a brick.

    Too damn cute.

    "I rescued him and his siblings last year from the street. They were all covered in fleas and the mom had missing teeth and a skin condition. We cared for them for weeks," she told BuzzFeed.

    The viral tweet inspired people to share photos of their dogs and their ~best friends~.

    @itsthymee @junkofthehe4rt Our other dog steals all the good toys so Pluto’s learned to love his brick

    "Since he was a puppy he would lay with it, kiss it, and chew on it. We don’t know why and our other two dogs have no interest in it haha," she told BuzzFeed.

    @itsthymee @HaleyHarrison3 My rot has had this rock for 4 years now

    "The brick just holds the rug down from curling, nothing fancy."

    @itsthymee @PapaCone_ why is it always in the same space..

    "The response has been wild. I never would've expected this to blow up like it did. I want to shed light on why people should spay and neuter their pets because there’s a lot more animals not as fortunate as Sunny."

    "I’m happy I got to show the world the goofy side of him I see everyday."

    You can see more photos of Sunny on Ariana's twitter itsthymee.