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    This Baby's Flavortown-Themed Birthday Party Would Make Guy Fieri Say, "Shut The Front Door!"

    There's a new mayor of Flavortown.

    Nataly Stein is a bakery owner and mother of two from Huntington Beach, CA.

    She recently threw an hilarious Guy Fieri themed birthday party for her one-year-old, Campbell.

    And the results were equally as hilarious as they were delicious.

    All of their family and friends enjoyed themselves, "They loved it!" She told BuzzFeed. "Everyone thought it was ridiculous, but fun and had a great time."

    "I had fun planning this party, but while it was going on, I couldn't believe that it was pulled off. The amount of skill that the various talented people that have made props, etc. was mind-blowing."

    "Campbell was not phased, of course, because he is other son is almost 3, and found out that there were lollipops at his eye level."

    "(Campbell) wore his clip-on earrings, arm bands, he let me spike his hair and then crawled around in search of some poor party goer — to get a taste of one of their milkshakes."

    "Everyone is cracking up (since it's gone viral). I think people love that their local bakery is getting this kind of attention. And I think my staff is super proud."

    "There's no mention of my husband in any of these viral articles. He refused to wear the flame shirt, and I bet he's regretting that now, haha."

    Guy Fieri would be proud.

    To see more delicious desserts that Nataly and her staff makes check out the Great Dane Baking Company website.