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    16 Reasons Why PBS Kids Are Better Than Nickelodeon And Cartoon Network Kids

    There are no other "viewers like you."

    1. You're basically a scientist compared to all the other kids.

    2. You obviously grew up in the BEST neighborhood...

    3. ...and had the best route to get there.

    4. You truly understand the importance of reading.

    5. You got to see so many characters from your favorite books come to life...

    6. ...and some were even larger than life.

    7. You had no problem telling your loved ones how you felt about them.

    8. You got to travel, not only to another country, but back in time with Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat.

    9. You were never afraid to take chances, make mistakes, or get messy.

    10. You learned how NOT to act from this shitty little kid.

    11. You got to learn about some really "mangatsika" animals every episode of Zoboomafoo.

    12. Shows like Cyberchase involuntarily raised your grade in math.

    13. And The Big Comfy Couch reminded you to always get a good nights rest.

    14. You got to learn new words in Spanish and in English all while being in the acid-trip of a world on Dragon Tales.

    15. And you even learned a made-up language when you decoded Ubbi Dubbi on Zoom.

    16. And finally, no one's nightmares could compare to yours after seeing this show come on.