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    17 Tweets About Freestyling That Are Way Too Real

    This style ain't free.

    1. When a freestyle could cause cardiac arrest.

    2. When you finally get to have that "I told you so!" moment.

    3. When it's your turn and you know you have to come correct.

    4. When the "download my mixtape" rapper is doing THREE much at the club.

    5. When your homie takes it too far.

    6. When inanimate objects start spittin' HEAT.

    7. When your aspiring rapper friend doesn't know how to turn down for a bit.

    8. When you stumble upon your calling.

    9. When you didn't even get to REALLY go in yet.

    10. When you and your squad catch wreck on the bus.

    11. When you can't share your hidden talent with the world.

    12. That moment you thought you caught someone off-guard.

    13. When a homies freestyle is so refined, it's literally fine art.

    14. When you instantly have regrets.

    15. When you literally CAN'T.STOP. SPITTING. FLAMES.

    16. When your homie kills the vibe.

    Disney / Via Twitter: @MELOMANIACK

    17. And finally, when your friend didn't fully let you go off.